So How Did These Guys Defy Death?

Every once in a while you hear a spine chilling story that sends goose bumps up your back. Well here are a few for you to sit around the fire at night and be grateful for what your have.

They say everyone have a purpose in life and after reading these stories I bet not only are you going to wonder what the individual’s purpose is, but no doubt its a question they ask themselves on a daily basis after surviving what they went through.

A Christmas To Remember

A 37 year old man suffered the horrific accident of falling 47 stories what was sure to be the death of him. Unfortunately it did result in the death of his brother who also fell from the same scaffolding. Miraculously Alcides was still alive after hitting the concrete pavement. His condition was so grave that to move him to the operating room would have meant sure death so they operated on him in the ER.

For three weeks he remained like a vegetable in a coma. On Christmas day he awoke and was able to speak. Less than a month later he left the hospital. Just how miraculous is this? Well figures show that the survival rate from a four story fall is less than 50%. So how do you account for a 47 story fall and still survive. Bet those goosbumps are crawling up your spine now. If not then read this…

So Where Did The Time go

Its not uncommon to hear of terrible accidents where a victim ends up in a comma, and the family is left to face some very difficult decisions. At the very least as the days and weeks slip away the Family slowly comes to the realization that there loved one is just not here any longer. Then something miraculous happens such as it did for this man.

After suffering a debilitating brain injury Terry Wallas remained in a semi conscious state bordering on the vegetative state. Then after 20 years he comes out of this mental prison to rejoin his family. How does one receive the news that after 20 years their loved one is awake? It is believed that Terry’s brain healed itself by growing new connections. Those hairs on your arms standing up yet? Well maybe the next story will add to this …

A Decision That Pierce the Very Soul

What exhilarating news to discover you are going to give birth to twins. Then this most joyful event is shattered in a split second when the twins are diagnosed with twin-to-twin syndrome. Meaning that the little ones shared the same blood vessels. The worst of it yet to come. The parents were asked to make a decision to terminate the life of one of the little girls that lay snuggled together in the Mother’s tummy. The anguish that these parents must have gone through is beyond words. Fortunately it wasn’t necessary as a solution was found by using laser surgery to cauterize the blood vessels. Two months later two lovely baby girls bid hello to the world.

Now you have to admit this was a pretty awesome article and just goes to support the saying “where theres life theres hope”

After reading what you have just read here it makes you wanna stop and think about the world doesn’t it.