Sleeping like a log or a top

“Deep sleep”, “sleep tight”, “sweet dreams”, “sleeps like a log”, “sleep like a top” and various other terms are often used when we describe or associate those with the notion of sleep.  And what can be a more perfect sleep than a sound one.  A well rested mind and body can be developed and achieved by getting enough sleep.

A log by the way is a piece of a cut or fallen tree.  It obviously has no life and can be figuratively pictured as a person sleeping or taking a nap.  The nearest phrase that can be found to describe the above is “sleeping like a top”.  It is believed that the idea of associating sleep with a top originated as early as 1963 when a certain author imaginatively described one of his characters to sleeping like one.  By just looking at a spinning top, it being on a stationary motion can be likened to sleeping.  Its quietness and the small swirling sound that the top makes were then also associated with someone that is sleeping soundly.

The notion of the log came from what actually the sound that a log makes when it is being sawed.  It is said that the sound from a log that is being sawed can be likened to the sound or in most cases, the snore that one makes while sleeping.  Snores are, as we know, varies in its loudness and the sound (at times, the sound of a snoring person seems to whistle, doest it?).

So next the time somebody or your roommate told you that you slept last night like a top, might as well thank and acknowledge the complement.  But if you wake up in the morning to find that your room partner is still asleep with his ears covered, it is more likely that you slept like a log last night.  Apologize when he wakes up.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping like a log or a top”

  1. My wife sleeps like a log. I mean very huge one.How can I stop her snoring? ( or temporary blocking my hearing ability?)

  2. Its what sleep experts call “sleep apnea” or unnatural snoring. There are gadgets or instruments available in the market today that enables one to at least, control or prevent it. Paying a visit to your nearest doctor first would be a must.

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