Six Simple Tips to Lose Weight Naturally

Many people feel that being obese is a curse and one can be a laughing stock among other people, particularly when they find themselves being gazed for their ugly tummy wherever they go and whatever they do. There are a number of advices and programs available to help one reduce their obesity. The efficacy of each program depends on a number of factors. Nature is one thing that is common to everybody and everywhere. Anything and everything related to nature that is done in a natural way will be beneficial to all people. Let us discuss herewith some natural ways to deal with the problem of obesity.

It is a well-known fact that excess fat content in the body is the reason for putting on weight. In addition, we know that burning more calories than we eat is the best way to reduce the weight. But how many of us who are obese and want to reduce their weight have followed this simple rule and reduced the excess weight in a natural way?.

Let me once again revisit the golden rule for reducing the excess weight. The rule is: Burn more calories than you eat. The logic is that when the body uses more energy than it takes in, it depletes its fat stores. Energy is provided to the body through the food we eat. Therefore, by exercising control over what we eat on a daily basis, than on how we eat or how many times we eat in a day, is more important.

There is no short cut or crash course method for reducing the obesity. It needs to be carried out in a methodical way over a period such that we lose weight naturally, safely without any side effects, and permanently without any risk of putting on more weight after abandoning the methods.

The following tips will be helpful in achieving this target:

1. Never fast

Some of us think that cutting down on the meals or fasting will help in reducing the weight. This is not correct and can prove to be dangerous sometimes. Fasting might lead to lowering of blood pressure and may lead to heart related problems. Any weight loss gained by way of fasting cannot be sustained long enough and once you discard fasting, the probability of putting on weight is more.

2. Eat breakfast, and do not skip meals

Eat more often to avoid a completely empty stomach, which can make you overeat at your next meal. Instead of skipping meals, it is better to eat four or six small meals or snacks, with a space of 3 to 5 hours between each meal.

3. Don’t deprive yourself

Many of us tend to curb our instincts in a conscious effort to reduce the weight. It is better that you have small portions of our favorite food, which may be high in calorie content, once in a while so that you don’t get frustrated and end up binging.

4. Drink plenty of fluids – especially water

Drink water and lots of it every day. Diet sodas and mineral water are ideal choice of fluids than just water. Fluids not only quench the thirst but also reduce the appetite. Lesser appetite means lower intake of food. Fruit juices are also categorized under fluids but can add more calories. Hence, be choosy in choosing the fluids. Coffee and tea are good. If you can take these beverages with artificial sweeteners and low calorie creamer instead of milk, that would be ideal.

5. Watch out for low-fat foods

Cutting fat from your diet makes sense as fat is the most concentrated source of calories. Be on the lookout for low-fat foods such as dairy products. Also ensure that foods claiming to be low in fat content or not supplemented with sugar, which, in turn, will not yield any results. Again, do not attempt to cut all the fat out of your diet. It has been discovered in research that people are able to stay on diet longer and are better able to maintain their weight loss when their diets allow at least some foods that contain fat.

6. Downsize your portions

The quantity of food we intake, either at home or at a restaurant, needs to reduced in a conscious effort. When eating at home, check the portion size of the food you enjoy eating and reduce the content by about one-fourth or one-fifth than you normally eat. While eating at restaurant, reduce the temptation to clean up the plate. By doing so, you can see the difference in your waistline over a period.

By following these six simple steps, which have yielded definite results to many people, one can reduce the weight safely and naturally.

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  1. I found that losing weight is not that hard as anyone would think. It sure takes commitment and following a simple plan but the key element is persistance.

    You need to monitor the calories, lose the junk food, sodas, sweets and do some physical exercises. I myself love dancing. And remember to use a fat burner to accelerate the fat metabolism.

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