Six simple tips to fight insomnia and enjoy sound sleep

One of the most common diseases most of us encounter at some stage is insomnia or sleepless night. When struck with insomnia, you will be affected by any of the following things – a) you do not get sleep as soon as you lie on the bed – you tend to just lay down on the bed, toss and turn either side but could not get sleep; b) you get sleep as soon as you lie on the bed but the continuity would not be there – you might wake up frequently for no specific reason; and c) you wake up from bed much too early without a complete sleep and once woken from bed, you do not get sleep again.

The primary reason why one gets affected by insomnia is either depression or emotional stress. The after-effects of insomnia or sleepless night will be much worse the next day morning. You will not have the freshness you would love to have. You would feel irritable and somber the next day morning.

This is a common phenomenon and there is nothing to panic about the issue of sleeplessness or insomnia. Some simple tips can be tried to overcome this sleeplessness and make your next day morning a fresh and great one, both mentally and physically.

  • It is advisable to avoid a large meal late in the evening. A big meal usually requires a minimum of 3 to 4 hours to digest in the stomach. A big meal late in the evening and immediately going to bed would be an invitation for the groaning and grumblings in your stomach that would deprive you of a good sleep.
  • It is advisable not to take spicy food or food containing sugar such as chocolates especially before going to the bed. The caffeine content present in chocolate might affect your sleep.
  • Try to have a banana or a slice of turkey or chicken before going to bed. Either of these items contains amino acids that are used by our body to produce serotonin, which helps in getting sleep. Do not overdo that as more of these will deprive you of the sleep – one single banana or a small slice of turkey would be sufficient.
  • A glass of warm milk along with a couple of biscuits would also do the same thing as a banana or a slice of turkey or chicken will do for you to get a good sleep in the night. You can also try to have a spoon of honey with a glass of warm milk instead of biscuits.
  • Do not take coffee or such other caffeinated drinks within four hours of your normal bedtime. Depending upon your affinity to these caffeinated drinks, you might be deprived of sleep due to impact of caffeine. One should also avoid smoking a cigarette within four hours of going to bed as the nicotine content in cigarette might affect your sleep and cause insomnia.
  • Preparing your bedroom also has an effect on your sleep. Instead of directly going to bed for sleep, it is advisable that you lie down on the bed for a while, review all the things that took place during the course of the day and take a little time to think about the activities in store for you tomorrow morning. A calm soothing effect these thoughts give you will take you to a sound sleep. Switch off the TV in the room and try to hear some soothing melodious music at low volume in your audio system.

Practicing any one of the above-mentioned suggestions would help you get a sound sleep, devoid of insomnia, and make you get up fresh the next day morning.

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  1. Thinking about the day’s events? And the next day’s? In a time of stress, that’s a recipe for rumination. Good luck getting to sleep while thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow!

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