Silence Is It Gold?

Silence, is it gold?

Some people believe silence is gold and we know people like to buy gold but would they buy silence? Lets find out…

Piece Of Silence
“John Cage was very renowned composer. But would people buy anything he’d serve, apparently, yes they would. He onced composed a sheet of music for his really quiet song.
The entire music sheet was blank and it lasted for 4minutes 37seconds. The sheet just serves to tell how long not to play.”

Silence Sells But Who’s Buying?
“In the 1970s a record company in LA issued the recording of a title called, ” the best of Marcel Marceau,” it was really something special. Since it contained only forty minutes of silence then a short burst of applauses.
Like gold, people went crazy over this silent piece of art. So the label decided to make one for kids. What would be different? Not much, still forty minutes of silence but the album had a different cover.”

Jukebox Dilemma
“In the 1950s, jukeboxes were so famous that some places wouldn’t have a moment of silence so Columbia Records decided to add a title called “Three minutes of silence” and apparently that was a big hit also.”

Silence Therapy
“Silence Therapy was what Jerry Cammarata invented, from Staten Island,New York, he made a tape that would release your sadness. The tape contained no sound at all.”

Did you know Siberia contains more then 25% of the world’s forests.