Should an electrical outlet be called an inlet instead

Should an electrical “outlet” be called an “inlet” instead?

I often times asked or remembered throwing this question to our friendly electrician when I was a kid.  Appliances, tools and everything electrical that requires to be plugged in order to work necessitates an electrical outlet.  But why have our electrical engineers and experts on the “electric world” came up with the word “outlet”, where in reality, it is where we plug “in” our electrical items?  Should it be revised or reworded as “inlet” instead?

If we look more and analyze it on a much “electric” aspect, our electrical engineers are all correct.  Getting the meaning from its literal context and applying a bit of practicality, we all can clearly see that an “outlet” is something or someplace where one can acquire something.  Further, it also connotes a certain place where we get things for ourselves.  Applying such, an appliance, a tool or whatever it is that is needed to be plugged which is electrical in this case, must look or search for that some place where there is a great source of electricity available thus, the electrical “outlet”.  We should be very clear that it is through these electrical “outlets” that we plug in our electrical items in order for it to generate the amount of electricity or electrical power that will enable it to work.  The electrical “outlet” in return will do basically what it is supposed to do which is to supply the needed amount of electrical power “out” to the electrical item in order for it to function properly.

On a lighter approach, it can be said that not all terms that are worded to make it sound to function as it is are true enough in its context.  We must them look more deeply first and analyze the possible reasons in order to narrow down and target the answers to our quite unnatural queries of the mind.