Seven simple measures to tackle body odor naturally

One of the common concerns for every one of us is to ensure that the body odor does not smell bad driving away persons away from us. Excessive concern over body odor also negatively affects the self-confidence. It is for this very reason that we prefer to use antiperspirants and deodorants to mask body odor.

What causes body odor in the first instance? The cause of body odor in our body is the release of certain types of sweat. There are two types of glands in our body that are responsible for producing sweat following a strenuous work out or basking in hot sun. One is called the Eccrine gland, which produces clear, neutral smelling sweat that, in turn, cools our body on evaporation. The other type of gland is the Apocrine gland, which is responsible for secreting a substance on which the bacteria thrive or feast upon. This apocrine gland is concentrated mostly in the armpit and the groin.

The common substance that blocks the sweat glands is referred to as antiperspirants and the substance that neutralizes the body odor is referred to as deodorants. In addition to the usage of deodorants to mask body odor, one can consider some or all of the natural approaches discussed herein to mask odor.

  • 1.One can consider wiping a little amount of vinegar using a cotton wool pad onto the armpits, which will help reduce the amount of odor-causing bacteria. However, caution should be exercised and vinegar should not be applied immediately after shaving.
  • 2.Witch hazel can also be used for deodorizing. A little amount of witch hazel might be splashed on the skin or rubbed on the skin using a cotton wool pad. The refreshing smell of witch hazel not only arrests body odor but also instills more self-confidence.
  • 3.A little bit of corn flour or bicarbonate of soda might be dusted on part of the body that is causing problems or releasing bad smell. While corn flour and bicarbonate of soda absorb moisture, bicarbonate of soda also has the special ability to kill odor-causing bacteria.
  • 4.In order to keep away from body odor, it is advisable to change the shirt every day. During hot, humid or warm conditions, it is better that the shirt is changed more than once, preferably twice a day – in an effort to keep away the body odor.
  • 5.Presence of hair in the armpit is one of the reasons for release of body odor. It is advisable that the hair in the armpit is shaved off at frequent intervals to eliminate the ill effects of body odor.
  • 6.Rubbing a little amount of lemon juice on the skin and letting it dry is also an effective way to body odor. Citrus fruits such as lemon are capable of changing the level of pH present in the skin and thus make the skin acidic. Odor –causing bacteria might find it difficult to thrive on an acidic environment and as such, the probability of bacteria creating body odor is considerably reduced, if not fully eliminated.
  • 7.Chlorophyll has a powerful deodorizing effect. As such, it is advisable to consume more of leafy green vegetables, which have rich content of chlorophyll. It is also advisable to take chlorophyll tablets made from plants such as blue-green algae to fight body odor.

These simple measures are effective in fighting body odor in a natural way instead of just relying on deodorants.