Sarah Palin From Politics to Television

One of the most popular shows on television could have a new edition. Desperate Housewives of the network ABC is rumored to be keen to have Governor Sarah Palin 44, to join its cast. She will join actors Eva Longoria and Terri Hatcher as they weave through the complexities of their lives and loves and dramas on this evening soap. Wisteria Lane will never be the same.  Marc Cherry is very excited to have Sarah join them on the season five finale. Marc is apparently a great fan of Sarah and sees her as a perfect fit for the show. He feels she will blend right in and can just be herself. Disney is eating up the idea. They feel it will bring in tremendous ratings just like her appearance on “Saturday Night Live”. I think she could bring in a whole new demographic to the show. What do you think?

Sarah Palin was the running mate of John McCain in the recent U.S. campaign. Unfortunately, she did not run fast enough. Sarah who hails from Alaska has dubbed herself a hokey mom…i.e. mean “hockey mom”. She has five children and loves to hunt. With a funny twist, Sarah had a habit of wearing pantsuits throughout the White House race making her look like the character of the uptight, multi-tasked Bree Van De Kamp from Desperate Housewives. The show is so popular that it is currently into its fifth season. You would think a show like this would pull in a female fan base but men are starting to watch the show too. My father-in-law watches it and we discuss it over the phone. Many people love Sarah but there are those who feel that she is not prepared for interviews. On the other hand, she feels that she comes across more honest that way. So how would she do with lines for such a popular television show?

However, some think that Sarah is uninformed and just not cut out for politics and public speaking. They feel that a role like this would be just what the doctor ordered to get her out of her fog. It is quite a jump from vice-presidential candidate to actor. The fact is that even many people in her home of Alaska are tired of hearing about her escapades and have no love loss for Sarah. They think she is just white trash! Hollywood is Hollywood and stories and gossip abound. I actually feel sorry for Sarah. It must be hard being thrown into such a stressful role. Let us face it without it without gossip we would not watch the shows or buy the magazines and this story is no different. It does not hurt that Sarah is a good-looking woman and a good fit for the sometimes-vain world of television. She would definitely fit in with the world of Bree, Gaby, Lynette, Susan and Edie.

As a fan of the show, I would like to see Sarah added to the cast. It could add a completely new level of intrigue. Of course, the show is full of intrigue already. It is estimated to have anywhere from 115 to 119 million viewers. Could that number be bumped up? Will Sarah be that new character in this ongoing saga? Tune in and find out.