Rockers Gossip

Rockers Gossip

In 1967, John Lennon named a tv repairman his guru and he would ask the tv repair to invent random stuff, all of them which failed badly.
Such as the flying saucer, an artificiel sun and loudpaper.

Smells Like Satan!
Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was infact so dirty that when he hired a maid to come clean his house in Seattle, she opened the door and then ran screaming Satan lives here.

Soul Of A Mad man
In 1988, James Brown, the father of soul, was in a bad mood. When someone had used his bathroom his trailer. He went to the seminar and pulled out his shotgun AND  threatened people.
But the police would come, James fled in his trailer but the police led a chase and arrested him, he served two years in jail.

Michael Jackson and his young friend, would often hold hands in the middle of the room and try to concentrate to fly. The boy later said he believed it wouldn’t happen but Michael Jackson was really into it.

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