Radio Effect – Why do we turn down the radio?

You are driving along the road on your way to your new friend’s house for a little get together and it’s the first time you have been there. You turn on the street they live on and you are starting to look at the numbers on mailboxes. You are getting closer to the house number they told you and you reach over and turn down the volume on your radio. Now why did you do that, why on earth does that help you find that house number? Do you think that if you pass it, your friend’s house is going to yell at you, “Hey, back here you passed me!!!”? Well, it’s not. And we all know that, yet a lot of us still reach over and turn down that dial to find an address, why? Well, I’ll tell you what seems to be the only logical answer. Concentration! That great new song is on the radio and we are singing every word, so if we turn it down we aren’t thinking about what the next lyric is and we can concentrate on finding 102 Bowser Lane. That is the only logical reason I can come up with. However, we can multitask pretty much anything else, right? I mean at home I can cook dinner, do homework with my son, and keep an eye on the baby all at the same time. Yet I STILL turn down the volume on the radio to help me find an address. Some people I can understand only can do one thing at a time *ahem males ahem*, just kidding, but I do know people that can only single task, they either surf the web or talk to you they can not for the life of them do both. And yet some of those people do not need to turn down that volume knob to find their destination. So although concentration is a valid and logical reasoning behind turning down the radio to find the place I am going to, it still does not completely explain to me why I need to concentrate only on finding that one little number on a mailbox and only finding that little number.

So are you one of the ones that turns down your favorite song on the radio to find your final address or can you leave it blaring and still find that little number on that mailbox by the road? And either way are you a multitasker or not?

I have answered one of those seemingly unanswerable questions, but it only brought up another one, why can I multitask everything else in my life except having the volume on the radio and finding my friend’s house”

5 thoughts on “Radio Effect – Why do we turn down the radio?”

  1. Right on this post made me think for a minute. Whenever I’m working with just an address and nothing else, I really do turn the volume down when I’m just about to arrive at a destination that I’ve never been to before.

    Remember around the ages of 16 to 20 when you’d have the car packed heading to a party or somewhere else you’d never been to before? Well the volume would have to be turned down so that if one of the passengers spotted the destination, the driver would hear.

    Same situation when you were a baby. Riding in the car, the mothers turn down the radio (driving or not) at the exact same time when visiting a new, unfamiliar location so that she can hear the father when he tells her that she just passed the place.

    What’s funny though, is that if you know the words to the entire song because you enjoy it so much, the volume won’t matter, but only if you know the all of the lyrics.

    At least that’s what I’ve experienced

  2. I do the same thing and blame it on concentration as well. I also can balance many things at once but one other example of what I can’t do simultaneously is reading and listening. I guess people are like computers in the sense that some are single core processors and some are multi-core. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who turns down the radio.

  3. Maybe the part of our brain that focuses on reading and listening can only do one at a time, and other parts are used when doing things other than those.

    I don’t really know!

  4. I think everyone can listen to the radio while driving.Why? You don’t have to use much concetration to drive because you are used to it. You don’t have to think to brake, turn , change gears etc. So you can listen to the music and do other things while you are driving

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