Race to Witch Mountain Review

Honest Race to Witch Mountain Review

The movie will obviously attract a lot of people to the cinemas, but you should know that numbers do not always mean that the movie was great. It seems the highly-anticipated movie will continue to taint initial viewing with expectations, but a second, more objective and analytical look into the movie will reveal the mediocrity of the movie – yes, I’ve said it, all things considered, the movie is rather mediocre, I’d give it a B-.

Andy Fickman did not do us justice and those who created the hype surrounding the movie are doing movie goers a great de-service. Race to Witch Mountain bears a passing resemblance to 1975’s Escape to Witch Mountain, but it falls short and it seems like Andy just wanted to finish the movie. Andy is not at his element here and it is always interesting to watch renowned filmmakers find new thing to be terrible at. The filmmaker has not given any real sense of scale or scope to the film and this has made what should be grand and epic sequences feel both small and constricted.

There is little fun in the movie, but it quickly gives way to tedium. Disney is out to remake every single one of its live-action movies, but this is not the way to do it. The screenplay by Matt Lopez and Mark Bomback leaks of studio interference and last minute changes. It is rather witless and formulaic – who still uses such statements as “I’ve got a bad feeling about this!” and “We’ve got company!” in movies?

For an action movie, the action sequence is generic and boisterous and seems uninspired. The relentless urgent musical score by Trevor Rabin is surprisingly fitting, but it should have found its way to a better action flick. Go watch the movie, but don’t hold your breath for a food film.

Overall B