Preventing Acne Tips

Acne is it something relevant? Yes it is, especially in our north American society which promotes products that boast the chances of having Acne. About 85% of people around the age of 17-24 have or had some form of acne once in their lifetime. That is about 17 million people in the States alone who have acne. So the problem is everywhere but what are some of the subtle ways of preventing it? Here are some of the better tips on Acne Prevention.

First before I suggest some tips, you need to know what acne really is and not what the stereotype says. Most people will tell you that don’t eat chocolate or you just don’t wash your face as often, using those points to point out the reason of your acne or someone else’s. Acne is caused by overactive oil glands in your face or any part of your body which is covered in skin; in this case all of our body is covered in skin. So yes we could have acne anywhere but most often it’s in the upper body and mainly the face. Acne surfaces more often in Teens, especially when they’re in puberty which is why we associate Acne with Teens. Acne is a bit like everything else in life that is good and bad.

If your family’s genetics have always had acne, probably you will have it too; there will be exceptions but not many. I knew a friend who had a normal amount of acne for a teen but none of his siblings had any at all. So don’t just blame Acne on your genetics. Now that we know about this reaction a bit, let’s look at some of the ways to prevent it.

Prevent Acne Tips

Wash Your Face!

Yes washing your face actually helps but not in the way most people actually think it does. You have oils on the surface of your skin and a good way to dissolve any oil is to use water. These oils and dead skins on your face basically worsen the acne that is presently there. But over washing your face might expand the problem even more, so be careful how much you wash your face.

Don’t Use Lotions

Yes Lotions might seem like a good idea but some of them are way to oily and if they’re not that they aren’t nonacnegenic. If they are nonacnegenic it basically means you could use them and they won’t have any effect on your acne.

Wash Your Face AGAIN!

Yes wash it again but now more specifically, if you’ve done some hard exercise which may have caused a considerable amount of sweat, be sure to wash your face again. Any kind of hard exercise, sport, workout or anything which may lead you to sweating calls for you to cleanse your face with water. Sweat might clog your pore and effectively make your acne worse than its current situation. You don’t just sweat from the face but from many other areas so that is why it’s recommended to take a shower after sweating a lot, other than the hygienic reasons.

Hair Products AVOID THEM!

Some people just can’t live with their hair spray, gel or other hair product but for those people who have acne and use these products STOP immediately. Unless you are very carefully and avoid the contact of these products with your face you may run the risk of worsening your acne. These products contain oils which may lead to acne being more present on your face.

Tight Cloths?!?

If you notice acne popping up on your back, abdomen and chest, you might need to avoid tight cloths which may cause irritation.

These are a few basic tips that can get you rid of your acne. But if you have a massive breakout of acne, contact a dermatologist which will lead him to prescribe you to some acne medication.