Pressure cooker

Society today has become increasingly impatient. Fast food isn’t even fast enough anymore and many arguments flare up when things just aren’t moving as quickly as we want them to. It is not uncommon to hear a slew of abuse being directed at staff of fast food takeaway outlets and it’s not hard to pity these poor people who day in and day out have to cop an earful from people who are too lazy to make their own food and too impatient to wait for it to be cooked properly. One amusing fact in all of this is that if the food takes too long to be cooked the customers become irritated and if the food is prepared very fast like the customers want, then a particular part of the customers anatomy will be irritated as the food will more than likely not be properly cooked and prepared. In this day and age the majority of work break rooms consist of refrigerators, microwaves and coffee makers, pretty much everything a worker would need to cook up their own quick lunch to avoid having to walk a few metres to order something elsewhere.

A great thing about cooking in the microwave is that it is quick and meals that can be purchased for specifically being cooked in the microwave usually come in microwave safe containers with plastic eating utensils. One downside is that with the impatience of people these days not even the microwave is fast enough. This was certainly demonstrated when an employee at a grocery chain Walgreens store was stabbed by a fellow co worker all because the pair could not come to an agreement or a compromise over who could use the microwave to heat up their soup for lunch first. A woman by the name of Mellesia Grant grabbed a large sized kitchen knife from the counter top and proceeded to stab her fellow employee Merloze Tilme in the abdominal area during the fight over who could use the microwave first. Mellesia Grant was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and was subsequently held on a bond of $50,000. It can only be assumed that she also lost her job.

The victim, Merloze Tilme recovered from her stab wounds. It is certainly not a good idea to have people around knives when they are as easily agitated as this woman must have been to commit such a senseless crime. Although I have never personally gotten so worked up over microwaving a meal I would have to take a guess and say that if you find yourself wanting to stab someone because you need to wait another two minutes before you can microwave your soup then you need to go see someone, work on your patience and your anger issues. Maybe the color of the soup made her angry? Maybe it was tomato soup and it literally made her see red and she just snapped. One thing for certain is that I would not want to push in front of that woman in the takeaway lines.