Prescriptions or Natural Remedies?

So, you are sick or you have a medical condition. Do you take what your doctor prescribes or do you try natural remedies, also known as homeopathic medicine?

What is your condition?

If you have a cold or the flu, trying natural remedies is fine and probably better than taking prescribed medications such as antibiotics because your body will become resistant to antibiotics which is not a good thing when you really need them.

If you have a lower respiratory infection, you can try natural remedies but since it can turn into pneumonia, you want to be careful and seek a doctor’s attention if needed.

If you have slightly high blood pressure, you might want to try natural remedies to see if you can control it. If you have exceedingly high blood pressure, I would go with the prescription.

If you have high cholesterol, try natural remedies like eating oatmeal. If you cannot control your cholesterol, then it is time for a prescription.

If you have HIV or AIDS, you will want to take the prescriptions that are available. You may want to try natural remedies, too, as long as they do not contraindicate with your medications.

If you have depression, try natural remedies first, like walking or talking with someone.

Depression has been proven to be a chemical disorder of the brain, so you may get to a point where a prescription is needed. That does not mean you have to stop your natural remedies. The two in combination are probably your best bet.

If you have cancer, prescriptions are the way to go. Unfortunately, you may get to the point where they are ineffective or have too many dissatisfying side effects. Then try natural remedies.
So what is a prescription?

A prescription is anything that is prescribed or ordered by your doctor. It is usually a medication or a treatment but it can also be a service or an over-the-counter product. Your doctor may prescribe counseling, for example. It is not a suggestion but an order. Or your doctor may prescribe a hand and wrist glove, to help with arthritis, that you can buy over-the-counter. Again, it is not a suggestion but an order.

So what is a natural remedy?

A natural remedy is anything that is “natural” and remedies the situation. It is not always a cure. It may just make the problem more bearable.

A natural remedy may be something you take, such as a vitamin. It may be something that someone makes in the form of food, such as oatmeal. Or it may be something that you drink, such as Echinacea tea.

A natural remedy can also be something you do. Sleeping, walking, talking, getting more sunlight, or helping others (to get your mind off your problems).

Which do you choose?

Only you can answer that question. You have to look at the severity of your problem. If it is something you think you can handle on your own, try a natural remedy. There are plenty of books on the subject. If it is out of your control, seek the education of your doctor and follow his or her directions.