Preparing for a Hurricane

For those living in the golf coast these times can be troubling because of a persistent hurricane season each year. Tropical storm, hurricane, call it what you will they all bring the same thing, destruction. States that are often the target of such violent nature devastation have now become more adapt with some prevention methods.

Dangers Associated With Tropical Storms

More often than not, you have to worry about other things other than the strong wind.

-Floods, these can occur from heavy rain caused by the massive switch in the system, drainage problem or a ditch.

-Storm Surge, this occurs in larger hurricanes such as Katrina, it is what kills the most people.

These are some of the dangers associated with a hurricane. To stop these dangers from harming you, you need materials. Collecting materials such as wood and shutters to block windows is a good idea. You should get the material way before a storm is even announced. Get a generator in case the power is gone in your house while the storm. Also have an evacuation plan, have state size maps. If stuck in a storm you will know the nearest shelter etc…

Those are a few advices to prepare for a storm. Always check your state’s disaster prevention site. They will include news about storms, updates and many tips on surviving if such things occur.