Playing Poker Online-from a Beginners Perspective

The picture I got whenever anyone mentioned playing poker, were those dirty, smoky back rooms, where men went to blow all their savings and their children would be without food on the table for a long time. Things are different now, with the computers and the game being played online. You can still lose your shirt, if you are not careful. Yes, it can become an addiction, just as anything can, but as I was shown how to play online, this became a very enjoyable pastime.

At first, I played the free games, which are on all the poker sites, just to get used to the whole concept of playing at all. I also needed to get used to the cards, and also what game to play. I started with Texas Hold-em, as that was the one that I was shown. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually won a game. Don’t ask me how I ever did it, but of course that spurred me on to play some more, and yes I got hooked.

I (who has never even bought a lottery ticket) put some money into the poker site. I lost a bit and also won some. I made a plan in my mind, that I wouldn’t spend more than a dollar on each game, but then when I started to win those, I progressed to $5 double or nothing games. Of course, and you already know what I’m going to say, I also lost some of them. Because I’m a person who is careful with their money, I dropped back to playing the dollar games again.

After a period of time playing that game online, I wanted to try something else, so I went to where they explain the different kinds of poker games, and decided to try Omaha. As far as I could see, it was a little more difficult, but also more challenging. I kept playing each game worth 10 cents. Yes, that’s what I said, as I don’t want to lose all my money while I’m just learning it. It is more interesting though, but you can not see when a straight or a flush is coming. Well, you can, but it moves so fast, that you don’t want to hold everyone up by being slow.

I still play the 10 cent games, as I’m still a beginner and I can see how a person could get so addicted to playing, that it would be a compulsion which would be very hard to stop on your own. I still play Texas Hold-em too, as I like the variety. Who knows, maybe I’ll try playing one of the other games too, but for now I think these two are enough. Being raised in a home where a deck of cards were not even allowed, I do believe that I have progressed quite a bit. I only play for fun, in between doing my jobs, but as soon as I get a chance, I’m on that computer, and what I’ll be doing would more than likely be playing poker. One thing for sure is I sure would rather be playing poker than doing this!

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