Playing chess online helps in organizing life well

Why you should play chess online?

Ever since man started socializing, a number of games have been played to test his physical and mental skills. Many games came into existence, lasted for a while and then vanished when a superior game took over or the man lost charm in the present game. That has been the trend since the mankind came into existence and found sport as a useful pastime.

One exception to that trend should be none other than the game of chess, which, said to have been developed in India as part of learning skills for the royal princes during the Maurya Dynasty in 6th Century A.D, spread to other countries and is still popular among the people. Not only did the game gain mere popularity, the game has been elevated to the stature of international competition and now we have world championships at the highest professional level.

What is in the game of Chess that makes it unique and help sustain for such a longer period? Now, with the advent of technology, the game is further making inroads into the masses through the means of online chess.

Online chess has made it possible for any person, having a little bit of understanding and interest on the game, to find partners through the Internet and start playing the game with the primary intention of relaxing, relieving from the stress and also learning the game.

Now, coming back to the question of popularity, the game of chess, also referred to as a war game or a battle, has many things in common with the day-to-day life of people, and teaches many virtues to the chess player that goes beyond his game. It has been proved that children taking up the game of chess in their early age have outperformed their friends in the academic studies.

The game calls for serious thinking and attention on the part of the player. Sitting across the board, he should be not only thinking about his moves in the board, but should also anticipate and analyze the moves of the opponent from his view, and then plan out his tactics and strategy. Even the tactics might not result in success if the opponent comes out with a different move, jeopardizing the player’s tactics. Dynamic planning, visualizing, analyzing and utmost concentration are required for saying checkmate to the opponent in the game.

This thinking process, in the long run, cultivates the habit of critical analysis, visualizing and dynamic planning on the part of the player. These traits go beyond the game and will guide a player in his life and paves for critical thinking, analysis and visualization. Hasty decisions taken out of passion or without any analysis were the main reasons for failure or lack of success in a person’s life. The game of chess helps a person have control over his decisions which will ultimately pave way for a better life.

Chess is also referred to as a war game or a battle. In a real battle, the commandant places his forces in strategic points for attack on the opponent, decides of sacrifices to gain spatial advantage and also applies tactics to weaken the opponent with captures and then launches the attack. Similarly, in the chessboard, the major and minor pieces are placed at strategic points controlling important squares and player might resort to tactical sacrifices of pawn or minor pieces to gain advantage over space.

All these nice things in chess can be mastered by an individual person without the assistance of a partner, by playing chess online.

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