People with Luck

Some people are lucky in the sense that they survive a huge disaster, while others win lotteries or whatnot. Here is the tales of some of the people, struck by luck.

Lifesaving Call

In the Dent de Crolles region, France, a shepherd had slipped to the edge of a cliff. So he used one hand to hang on and make the call, just as he made the call his hands slipped and felt further down but managed to hold to a piece of rock. Lucky his cellphone fell on in front of him, still looking functional. He pressed redial with his nose and was later saved by emergency forces

Face To Face With Death

“A man in Denver, was driving when suddenly out of nowhere he got hit by another car. The collision caused him to fly through the roof and land on a railroad…Which the train was coming on at full speed. The train operator had seen the man and tried to stop the train but he thought it was still too late. The train driver got out and saw the man alive…Only with a broken leg.  “