Parkinson’s disease – causes and remedial measures

As one gets older in terms of age, one needs to take extra care and attention of his or her body to enjoy a healthy life. One of the many diseases that might develop and subsequently affect the later years is the Parkinson’s disease. Normally, this disease can develop and subsequently affect a person – either man or women – after the age of 50. But, it can be totally eliminated once a person exercises better control over his dieting and other activities during his early years.

The funny part of this Parkinson’s disease is that the underlying cause behind this disease remains unknown in most cases.

What are the symptoms for this disease?

If you or any person known to you and aged above 50 experience some sort of trembling where the hands and the whole body in some cases shakes uncontrollably, rigidity in muscles and/or an abnormal gait, then there is every possibility that the said person might be a victim of this Parkinson’s disease. These symptoms are not the common cause for all types of people and might vary from person to person. Not only are the above-mentioned the only symptoms for Parkinson’s disease. Some people might experience difficulty in swallowing food or difficulty in speech, while some might even experience some sort of progressive dementia.

What causes this disease, in the first instance?

One of the causes for contracting this Parkinson’s disease is the breakdown in neuro-muscular functions that are executed by the brain. A part of the brain, called in medical terms as substantia nigra, is responsible for the manufacture of a chemical called dopamine, which, in turn, directs and regulates the neuro-muscular functions in the body. If the part of the brain, or substantia nigra, suffers destruction and could not manufacture the chemical, then the neuro-muscular functions are severely affected and this in turn is one of the reasons for this Parkinson’s disease.

What causes the substantia nigra to get affected is not clearly defined or identified by the medical world. Intake of cocaine or suffering some severe injuries in the head are found to be some of the causes for the breakdown in substantia nigra. Medications consumed by drug addicts such as Demerol might also severely affect the part of the brain, thus leading to Parkinson’s disease.

If one gets affected with this Parkinson’s disease, there is no other alternative but to sustain on medication and strict dietary habits. Once affected, one cannot get complete cure or relief from the disease.

A dual combination of medicine and diet can help lessen the impact of Parkinson’s disease. Doctors advise intake of levodopa about twenty or thirty minutes before consuming food so that this medicine is absorbed in the small intestine. If some patients experience a feeling of nausea if taken alone, levodopa may be taken along with some snacks rich in carbohydrates. If proteins are reduced in the food content, then it would be better as levodopa can get digested quickly in the body. Research reveals that reduced intake of proteins might have better effect on patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

If you happen to contract this Parkinson’s disease, then you are deprived of protein in your daily consumption of food. You can as well imagine the condition and additional impact of not taking proteins in your food and the cascading effect on your energy levels.

Thus, it is advisable that we should not get this Parkinson’s disease after we cross the age of 50. For that to happen, we should have better control over dietary aspects and also ensure that we stay away from drugs in our young age.

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  1. I’ve heard their is a surgical procedure called “upper cervical” that
    can be done for patients with Parkinson’s disease and that it has a very high success rate. This is very helpful information regarding parkinson’s disease and good to know.


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