The 10 most unpopular OS

An operating system [1] is an interface between the user and the computer. It is basically a program, which has the capability of running multiple numbers of applications on the computer. Right from checking the used up memory to viewing a website, it is all done by the OS. It manages both the hardware and software resources of the computer. An OS like Windows enables multitasking where you can open various programs or play games and listen to music on the computer simultaneously. Linux is another popular OS with greater security. But there are a few not-so-popular OS as well, which are barely used by anybody.

– Amiga OS: It is the default OS of Amiga PC’s. Introduced in the year 1985, its older versions were compatible with 16 and 32-bit microprocessor of Motorola 68 k, whereas the more recent ones such as AmigaOS 4 works well on PowerPC processors. It consists of Exec, which is a multitasking kernel, AmigaDOS (Disk operating system), Workbench as a GUI (Graphic User Interface), AmigaShell(Command Line Interface),etc. The main disadvantage is the consumption of a large amount of space for which this OS is hardly used in any PC’s. [2]

– BeOS: It the operating system designed by the company Be Inc. in the year 1991. To run a BeOS on a system it requires 32 megabytes RAM, x-86 Pentium-class processor, a SCSI CD-ROM or IDE/ATAPI drive, a VESA graphics enabled card, etc. BeOS has many advantages such as clean GUI, good performance, symmetric multiprocessing, memory protection and no viruses to name a few. But the number of disadvantages makes BeOS a less popular operating system. With its substandard website browsers and its ill compatibility with common office documents as Access Database and equally bad hardware support, BeOS has became unviable for use. [3]

– Windows Me 2000: This millennium product of Microsoft was the successor to the extremely successful Windows 98 and was only developed for personal computers. It consisted of the Internet Explorer 5.5, Windows Movie Maker and Windows Media Player 7 software. The most significant difference of Windows Me from its predecessor (Windows 98) is that it did not include the real address mode Microsoft-DOS. This operating system had a very short life period of only a year after which it was substituted by Windows XP. This is mainly because of its hardware incompatibility. It was very expensive and could not be uninstalled easily (one had to take the pain of formatting the computer to remove Windows Me!!!). [4]

– JavaOS: This operating system consists of a JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Unlike the other OS that are written in the computer language C, JavaOS was obviously developed mainly in Java by Sun Microsystems. JavaOS was designed to work with embedded systems. Its application lies mainly in ATM’s, networking infrastructure and in set top box. Though this java-based software still finds its use in JavaStation, it is considered as a so-called “legacy system”, which is definitely not used for any application anymore. [5]

– Lindows: This OS was developed in the year 2001 with the prime objective of running Windows applications on Linux. This compatibility was achieved by using the Software known as Wine. As Linux is a good server side OS but is not as good with desktop, the manufacturers thought that Lindows will be a perfect solution to this problem. But Lindows showed mediocre performance in running Windows application. When Windows is so much user-friendly, why should one bother to use Lindows? (The manufacturers should have answered to that one before investing). [6]

– OS/360: The first version of OS/360 was developed in the 1960’s by IBM. It was mainly for its mainframe computers. A very vital part of its operation was the DASD (Direct Access Storage Devices). This product did not really attract the customers for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it required a huge amount of memory. Secondly, its price was on the higher side and if anybody could still deal with that, it made the system slow. These reasons were enough for customers to keep away from this software. [7]

– Windows 1.01: It was introduced during 1980’s. It had GUI (Graphic User Interface) and multitasking-based OS by Microsoft. Though it was the first attempt of Microsoft in this direction, it did not turn out very well. Its competitor, Apple had introduced more advanced products during that time, which left Windows 1.01 far behind. [8]

– Windows Vista: It was developed in the year 2006 by Microsoft with much fanfare for personal and office PC’s. Vista seemed very promising with its attractive, new features. It had an upgraded GUI, Windows DVD Maker and redesigned audio, print, networking and even search function tools. Vista was a big disappointment due to its hardware as well as software incompatibilities and high cost. It was also very slow. Everybody tries to use upgraded software but with Vista, people preferred downgrading to the tried and tested XP. [9]

– XTS-400: It is an operating system developed by BAE Systems. It supported multi-user as well as multi-tasking settings. It could work with networked environments. Gigabit Ethernet, IPv6 and IPv4 were also supported by it. It was capable of providing both secured (strictly, for administrative purposes) and not-so–secured environments. For maintaining a highly secured network data flow, this OS can be adopted. Even though XTS-400 has many benefits, it has a large number of disadvantages as well. Limited hardware, no GUI and slower performance are some of its potential risks for which it is not favored. [10]

– Burroughs MCP: This OS by Burroughs Corporation was developed in the year 1961 using the computer language ESPOL. In the 1960’s it was the first OS that had the multiple microprocessor facility and also brought in the virtual memory in picture. It had everything one required (it was secured and gave good performance) but it did not last very long. Its concepts of virtual memory and symmetric multiprocessing are used in recent computers, which are obviously more dynamic than the MCP. Moreover, ESPOL is not a very structured or robust language, which called for an upgrading. [11]



Top Interview Mistakes

Your conduct during an interview can, to some extent, decide the future course of your career. Certain interview behaviors can kill your job chances in minutes. It is highly recommended that you avoid the following “we are done” interview behaviors to be in the best books of the HR of your potential employer.

Dressing Inappropriately

Inappropriate dressing undoubtedly tops the list of top 10 interview mistakes, and it certainly does help to observe the attire of the employees of your potential employer. Going by the rule of thumb, you should wear a suit if you are attending the interview for a professional position. Conversely, if you are attending the interview for a summer job, a suit can very much ruin your show. In such a case, it is better to stick to smart casuals.

Attending the interview without preparation

Almost every company expects the applying candidates to know the company’s background information. If you are really serious about the job opening, then you should reach the interview hall only after reading the “About us” section of the company’s website.

Being inattentive during the interview

While asking the interviewer to elaborate on a question is fine, it would not help much if you say that you could not hear the question because you were thinking of something else. If the interviewer even gets an iota of doubt on your attentiveness, you can be quite sure of a canceled candidature.

Offering too much information

Too much of anything is injurious, and information is no exception! It is in your best interest to stick to clear, concise and to the point answers. At the same time, you can ruin your employment chances by answering the questions with just a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. It certainly helps to be responsive and providing a complete answer to a question. One must be insightful enough to offer information that could be of interest to the interviewer.

Receiving a call in the interview room

It is in your best interest to switch off your mobile phone before entering the interview room. Ringing of a cell phone or receiving a call in the interview room is considered as ill-manners among HR officials of top companies, and hence can kill your chances forever.

There are several other behaviors which are a strict “no-no” during an interview. However, by avoiding the above 5 top interview blunders, and by maintaining a confident physical posture, you can certainly make a desirable impression in front of the interviewing officials.

Hey Why Do They Do That? How does panting regulate a dogs body temperature?

Have you ever wondered why on the hottest days of the summer your dogs tongue is usually always out of his mouth? Well let me tell you that we have a lot more sweat glands then the dog family. As you know dogs have fur so it makes it a lot harder for them to control their body temperature.

To help dogs keep their body temperatures at a normal level they do something called “panting”. This helps by cooling the mouth and tongue along with blood which circulates in their head. But not only does it cool down their body temperature it also provides air flow to the important blood vessels in the area of their head, which surrounds the nose. This helps your dogs brain from over heating and it also keeps cooler blood flowing through their body.

Your probably wondering “Why do they need to have there tongues out, why can’t they just have there mouths open?” By letting there tongues hang out this helps by allowing moisture on there tongue to evaporate. Now let me just take a moment to let you know that when dogs pant it is not always caused by heat. It could mean that they are distressed.

When it is a very hot day outside dogs are like humans in some ways. They need lots of fresh cold water and sometimes need to be left under the shade. It is much easier for humans to calm there body temperature down then it is for dogs. Also if your dog is overweight their bodies are more likely to overheat much quicker then the normal sized dog out there.

You’ll probably notice with an overweight dog that they pant a lot more and faster. You should take heed of warning signs to this and if on the weather channel it gives heat warnings maybe you should let your dog stay in that day. If he needs to go out it’s probably best not to leave him outside in that blazing heat for more then 15 minutes. If you notice that your dog seems to be panting excessively or for no specific reason consult your veterinarian immediately.

Aside from the most common causes of panting that we have talked about here there are several health conditions that can be the cause of this. For example there is kidney problems, diabetes or hyperthyroidism to name a few. Then there are health conditions that don’t allow them enough oxygen intake so they will pant excessively trying to draw in additional oxygen. Finally even painful disorders will cause them to pant such as arthritis or respiratory diseases.

It also has to be taken into account the breed of dog as well. For some dogs their nasal anatomy is not the same as others and this can create more of a problem for them when taking in enough oxygen.

If you are an animal lover or even like to know why animals do what they do then check out these interesting guys.

Top 10 reasons to go size 0

What is size 0 [1]? Is it simply an US clothing size standard? Certainly it is not! If you go by the definition it is actually the smallest size. It would fit women with vital stats between 30-22-32 and 33-25-35 inches. It is this idea of fitting into a size 0 dress has consumed every fashion-conscious woman. With the A-list stars crash dieting to secure this alluring size, more and more women are following their footsteps. To be or not to be a size 0 has become a never-ending debate; there are a large number against it as they fear anorexia is a by-product of being size 0. But we will tell you that this 0 size is not all that bad and all the reasons for flaunting it.

More healthy: That beautiful crimson red dress which you bought for a whooping 150 dollars remains in your cupboard untouched for almost 2 years now. The reason behind this is that you have gained so much weight that it does not fit you any longer. Fat is small word with a BIG consequence! It is something that can easily get you if you do not take proper care of yourself. Size 0 can be achieved by working out, eating healthy and doing your regular chores. It not only makes you fit into your favorite dress but also make you live a more disciplined life. Oh, yes, you save money on medicines and visiting doctors.

Look better: There cannot be anything worse than having a sagging stomach. Though the term “love handles” could sound cute but there is nothing lovely about these. There are so many teenagers who suffer from obesity as they overeat. Overeating is a bad habit that mostly their parents get them into. Little children look cute with their baby fat but if this fat does not wear off with age soon it turns into obesity. Being a size 0 is just a way to stay in shape. Actor Kate Moss has rightly said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” [2].

Make people jealous around you: When a guy looks at you with appreciative eyes, you feel great but you feel even better when a girl looks at you with jealousy. A woman who is size 0 is not voluptuous but nevertheless she looks gorgeous. She looks extremely smart too. Moreover, imagine you are going for a vacation in Miami and have every intention of putting on your hottest bikini. With a size 0 you can wear anything with complete ease without any extra flab that looks simply hideous! Most people consider size 0 to be very attractive [3].

Increased self confidence: Believe it or not but a woman sporting size 0 is much more confident about her. Nor is she picked up by her friends or colleagues for being fat. She feels surer about everything and is ready to take on challenges. A board meeting or handling a new project, you will get the zeal from inside to do something constructive. You will also get constant attention from your friends, which boasts up your confidence levels. Your kids will definitely vote as the most gorgeous looking mom in this World!

Feel fresher: Only a small fraction of people know that size 0 can actually make you feel fresh. With constant workout sessions, eating what is right and practicing yoga and other exercises will only make one feel fresher. Weight issues tend to bog one down but a person with size 0 is always lively.

Your favorite star is a size 0 as well: Your favorite star is a size 0 as well: Most of us wish if we could even have the slightest resemblance to our favorite stars. Though David Haslam [4] who is the National Obesity Forum’s director feels that size 0 is just another passing fashion sported by actors like Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Lindsay Lohan and it should not be promoted. It should be kept in mind that these actors achieve such enviable figure by proper consultation from their nutritionists who prepare a balanced food chart for them. It is not always about only superficial beauty!

Be happier: Obesity can cause depression in an individual. A person with “too much” weight gets very conscious and in some cases refrain from meeting friends or going out for parties. Even while going shopping, they feel different from the rest and become over-sensitive and experience mood swings. Whereas a person with size 0 has no such issues as she feels happy from inside. As she is comfortable under her skin, it shows on her face too [5].

Fit into all fashionable clothes: Top designers labels are all aiming to woo the size 0 crowds. Imagine Victoria Beckham’s range of skinny jeans on a fat woman? It would be a complete disaster. The whole idea of getting into skinny clothes, which are quite fashionable, can make you feel on cloud 9. Gone are the days where skinny girls had to check out the kid’s section for their clothes, their clothes these days dominate the racks of fashion stores. For an ultra chic look, your aim should be to fit into size 0 clothes.

It is not that you have to crash diet for it: It is a myth that all size 0 women are anorexic or suffers from any eating disorder. One does not have to refrain from eating their favorite pie or eat everything and then puke it off. Neither do you have to consume any chemical like the so-called, “size-0 pill”. Not all women who are size-0 are unhealthy. They do not crash diet but take in frequent healthy meals. Have a very balanced meal, which also includes the essential carbohydrates and fats; just do not over-eat. Something that we do not realize is that we consume large quantity of “junk foods” containing lots of oil. The shift should be on quality food, which gives you enough energy to carry on with your regular chores. With a proper digestion rate that is achieved through working out, you can be size 0 even after eating well.

Definitely have more takers: Though there are people who have said that men find mid-sized women [6] more attractive but you will find that is not true with men drooling for you when you have a perfectly toned, size-0 figure. With greater confidence and a charisma about you, men will have to ask you out!!







DISCLAIMER: The data, information, and facts have been compiled by the writer and not those of the website. The write-up has been prepared to stress on the importance of staying healthy. There are far more number of people suffering from blood sugar, heart diseases and other obesity-related diseases than anorexia or bulimia. And, it is really important to get the habit of staying fit and healthy from young age. Size zero concept may help us consult a nutrition expert to design an ideal diet chart. The intentions are to provide the readers with some fun facts and food for thought and we bear no liability whatsoever for a reader’s action in particular or consequential damages. This site and the material would not be provided without such limitations.

7 Peculiar Facts About Hitler

Hitler was undoubtedly one of the most horrifying dictators in the history of world. While it is quite well-known that Hitler was an eccentric individual, there are peculiar facts associated with him that are often ignored. Let us discuss, 7 such peculiar facts about Hitler.

Hitler was exceptionally particular about his physical appearance

While there is no two ways about the fact that every normal individual likes to look his/her best, Hitler was extremely particular about his physical appearance. He was especially particular that no one should see him naked or bathing. He never took his coat off in public, even during extremely hot weather conditions. He had a strong disliking for perfumes and colognes and never used them.

Hitler was once in love with his own niece

Geli, one of Hitler’s lovers, was Hitler’s half sister’s daughter. She was killed when she was 23, however, since all the evidences pointed towards Hitler, the murder was recorded as a suicide.

Hitler was a man with only one testicle

The common conception is that Hitler had reasonably large gonads. However, in actuality, Hitler was man with a single testicle. Many historians are of the belief that Hitler was injured during WWI, and had to get one of his testicles removed.

Hitler was a chronic hypochondriac

Hitler was psychological about acquiring unusual diseases, and often diagonised himself with atypical health conditions, especially intestinal disorders. He even treated these medical conditions himself with the help of strange medications.

Hitler- a man of bizarre desires

It might sound implausible, but many historians cited in their records that Hitler was a man of bizarre sexual desires. He specifically liked being defecated and urinated on in the bedroom.

Hitler’s first love was a Jewish girl

Hitler was only 16 when he fell in love with a Jewish girl named Stefanie Isak. There are many records which are of the belief that Hitler was extremely obsessed with this girl, and often thought of killing himself, as well as her, for love.

The idea of blow-up dolls was invented by Hitler

Hitler was against his men getting physically or emotionally involved with foreign women, and this is one reason why, he brought the whole idea of blow-up dolls into place. He actually expected his men to fulfill their needs and be satisfied with plastic bodied dolls.

The above are just a few facts about the eccentricity of Hitler, it would be very apt to say that there was almost nothing which was normal about Hitler.

5 Amazing Facts About Space

Space is almost often associated with mystery and astounding facts. Scientists work incessantly to find scientific logic behind the mysteries of space. Some of the amazing facts given below are bound to surprise you, but all these facts are true!

A day will be almost 960 hours long in the remote future

About a billion years ago, the Moon used to be much closer to Earth. At that point of time, it used to be in a relatively tighter orbit, and it just took 20 days to go around earth to make a month. A day on Earth, at that time, was only 18 hours long. Presently Moon is moving approximately 4 centimeters away from earth every year. In addition, the rotation of Earth is constantly slowing down, resulting in longer days. Scientists are of the belief that, if living beings are able to survive the swelling sun and other cosmic changes, then they would soon experience days which are nearly 960 hours long!

Earth has more than 3 moons

Yes, you heard it right, Earth has more than 3 moons. While the one which we can see orbits around the earth, remaining three are asteroids which share an unusual relationship with our planet. These asteroids enter Earth’s orbit and begin to revolve. However, we cannot see them at night because they are very far to be seen.

Uncoated metal get stuck together in space

Two uncoated metal pieces will begin to form as one when they are stuck with each other in space. This process is called ‘cold welding’. If you have already started wondering on how space stations remain intact in the space, then the answer is that they are already are coated with metals from Earth and hence this process do not apply to them.

The light which we are enjoying today is approximately one third of sun’s age

When the nucleus of sun was born, light would actually travel through atoms. About 30,000 years ago, when sun was about half its present size, light used to reach Earth in about 8 minutes. This was because light used to reach earth only after passing dense particles around the sun.

Saturn can float in about a glass of water

Saturn’s mean density is about 70% that of water, which implies that if we put it into a glass of water, it would float!

As mentioned in the beginning, space facts are almost always surprising and there is still a lot which needs to written about space. By the way, you might be interested in knowing that a frozen pea would explode if it is brought in contact with Pepsi in space. This is because of the weightlessness of space!

Interesting facts about Pesäpallo or Finnish baseball

The national sport of Finland is Pesäpallo. The game, which is broadly based on the baseball game played in the U.S, has the influence of some local games played in the country. The game was first introduced, developed, and refined by Lauri “Tahko” Pihkala between the period 1910 to 1920. The game has retained most of the rules framed in the beginning and is still popular not only in Finland, but also played in Germany, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland, and some parts of Canada.

The game’s popularity was such that it was included as an invitation game in the Summer Olympic Games held in Helsinki during the year 1952.

Though broadly based on the baseball game, it is the variation with the normal baseball game that makes it all the more interesting and popular.

In normal baseball, as most of you know, if a player hits the ball very hard such that it crosses the fly line on the back, it would definitely result in a home run for the batting team. But, in Pesäpallo, a ball hit across the fly line or the back line would be considered as a foul.

In this game, each team has 12 players – 9 playing in the field and 3 others as jokers. One team will take up batting while the other team does the defending.

In Pesäpallo, the ball hit by a batter should invariably bounce for the first time in the playing area for that strike to be considered normal and fair. This is a major variation as against the normal baseball.

Another interesting aspect of this game, Pesäpallo, is that of koppi. In this game, a batting player will not be declared out if the opponent catches the ball in the air. Instead, he will be declared out only when he is caught in the middle of the ground while attempting to take a run and could not complete the run.

Thus, you can visualize the game as a fast paced one where the time between the first pitch of the ball in the playing area and the throw by the defender to the base is what a batter should take to complete the run.

If a player completes one home run, the other players, who were declared out, can bat again.

What are the most Poisonous Animals?

The question of the most poisonous animal in the world is not always easy to answer, as there are different classifications. For example what animal kills the most people per year, or what animal has a higher toxic level in their poison compared to others. In most cases a poisonous animal uses the toxins in their bodies for defense and are normally passive, compared to a venomous animal that are active killers and deliver their toxins by biting, stinging or stabbing. Depending on where you are going for your next trip have an idea what you could be facing as it could save your life! Here are three of the most dangerous creatures known to man!


Number one goes to this killer creature called the Box Jellyfish as it’s been recognized as “The Worlds Most Venomous Animal” with a record of 5,567 reported deaths since 1954. With a venom that is classed as the most deadly in the world, its toxins attack the nervous system the heart and even the cells of its victims. The venom is so strong and so painful that many of its human victims succumb to its sting by going into shock, heart failure or drowning before they have a chance to reach shore and even if you survive, be prepared for a few weeks of intense pain.
If stung, your only chance of survival is immediate medical attention, but vinegar if applied quickly for 30 seconds, because of its acetic acid, can somewhat help neutralize the killers venomous nematocysts before it get into the bloodstream. Found in the waters around Australia and Asia, some swimmers find wearing woman’s pantyhose while swimming can reduce to risk of exposure to your legs. Although it may look funny, it very well may save your life!


The world’s longest venomous snake, hands down is the King Cobra (Ophiophagus Hannah). Indigenous to high dense forest this snake ranges throughout South and South East Asia and can grow 18.5 ft (5.6 m) in length. A snake that can kill a human with a single bite, this King of snakes has also been recorded of killing a full grown Asian elephant within three hours of a lethal bite on the trunk of this huge animal. Known as the Snake Eater because it actually preys on other snakes, this snake can inject 5 times the venom, which can result in 5 times the mortality rate compared to the Black Mamba, even though the Mamba’s venom is actually more potent.


Looking at this pretty snail one would never know that it is one the most deadly creatures on this planet. If you took one drop of this little creature’s venom it could easily kill 20 human beings. Fortunately it is not aggressive and the 30 deaths attributed to its contact have been passive in the sense that swimmers themselves picked up this killer. Once contact was made intense pain can be followed by muscular problems as well as swelling, vision changes and even breathing failure. Notably found in warm Eastern Waters always be careful what kind of snail you pick up.

Interesting facts about Rugby

One of the most challenging field games played as a complete team game and tests the stamina, skill and speed of the players is the game of Rugby.

The game is said to have originated in England in the beginning of the 19th century and is one of the popular games played in more than 100 countries across the world as of date.

The primary requirement, or the essential code of the rugby game, is that the player runs with the ball in hand to the opponent’s area. Some sort of confusion about the game arose in 1823, it seems, when William Webb Ellis allegedly picked up the ball in hand, while playing football, and ran with the ball in hand towards the goal post in the opponent area. Rules were framed and the International Rugby Board came into existence in 1885 to govern and oversee the rules of the game.

How the game is played?

This is an outdoor game played in a rectangular field of 100 m length and 70 metres width. At the end of the each side, goal posts of the letter “H” are placed.

Two teams, comprising of 15 players each, take up the field in the Rugby game. The ball used in the game is of an oval shape, and is infiltrated with air. The fifteen players are divided into 8 forward players and 7 defenders. The play starts with a toss of coin to decide which team will start the kick off. After deciding the team, the game starts with a drop kick. Then the forwards and the defenders try to pick up the ball and run towards the opposition area with the ball in hand. The forwards in the opponent time will try to block the running of the player.

Basically the forwards are typically strong in structure and use their muscular power to block the opponent running with the ball. In contrast, the defenders are short in size and typically have good athletic skills, such that while the forwards block the opponents, the defenders run towards the goal post of the opponent, dodging the block and running at a relatively faster pace than the forwards. Invariably, most points are typically scored by the defendants. This is the unique feature of the game.

Interesting facts about Tennis

One of the many popular sports played across many countries and also as a professional sport at an individual level is none other than Tennis or the Lawn Tennis.

Who can be not aware of Roger Federer, or Rafael Nadal of the recent times, or the famous Martina Navratilova, Boris Becker, John McEnroe, Andre Agassi or Ivan Lendl of the past – the great players in the game of Lawn Tennis?

If I were to say that the synonym for lawn tennis is Wimbledon, then it is not a flattery by any means. Yes, Wimbledon in England is the venue for the major Tennis tournament way back in 1877.

The game of tennis was first played in England in 1870 and subsequently propagated to other countries across the world. Now, almost all the countries have a presence in this interesting game that can be played either indoor or outdoor. The tennis court is typically a natural grass court, but other forms of court are also prepared such as the Hard Court and the clay courts.

The game is played with the help of rackets and a ball that is light and elastic in nature. The tennis court is typically of 78 feet in length and 28 feet in width, with a net at the centre of the court. The game is played by individuals or by a team of two players. The players occupy positions on either side of the net. The object of the game is to hit the ball by one player such that it crosses the net and falls in the opponent area such that it becomes difficult to the opponent to return back the ball into the playing area. For every miss, the player is awarded point. The points start as 0 or love, 15, 30, 40 and the game ends if a player gets more than the 40 point count.

A player who wins six games is awarded that set and usually one tennis match comprises of best of 3 games or best of 5 games as the case may be.

The Wimbledon tournament in England, the US Open, the Australian Open, and the French Open in the Rolland Garros are the premier tournaments in Tennis. A player winning titles in all the four tournaments in a single year is said to have won the Grand Slam.