Interesting facts about Sumo

Do you know which professional sport has the shortest duration between the games – wherein a game comes to end, in most cases, in less than a minute or in a few seconds?

It is Sumo, a competitive sport, played mostly in Japan and the neighboring countries.

Sumo is a type of wrestling and the players participating in this Sumo game are called as wrestlers.

The game is played either indoor or outdoor. The two wrestlers take up the game of wrestling is a circular ring, which is called as dohyo. The game comes to an end when one of the wrestlers forces the other wrestler to touch the ground by any part of the body other than the feet.

Now, you can imagine why this Sumo is considered to be a professional game that might conclude within seconds of commencing. It is not a hard and fast rule […] Continue Reading…

Interesting facts about Fencing

Do you know a sport which has featured in each of the Modern Olympics since the beginning in 1896?  It is Fencing, a type of martial arts and combat sporting activity that involves the use of sword as the primary weapon

What is fencing?

Fencing is a type of combat sport in which weapons such as swords, clubs, bayonets, knives or batons for inflicting damage to the opponent either in the form of cutting, bludgeoning or stabbing, using the hand primarily to manipulate the weapon.

Though usage of any of the above mentioned weapons falls under the category of fencing, as far as Olympics and other professional sports are concerned, it is the swords that are used as the primary weapon.

Fencing is not a new sport played in recent times.  It has a long history, which dates back to as early as 1200 A.D.  It is considered to be one of the […] Continue Reading…

How to Become a CNA

The recent economic crisis may have got you thinking that your career is under serious jeopardy and that maybe switching to a more stable job will be the key to your success.  If you had been planning to get a foothold into the healthcare industry, then becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA may be one of your options.

A CNA is known by many other titles, depending on the place where you intend to work.  In the United States, they may also be called as a Nursing Assistant-Registered (NA/R), a State-Tested Nurse Aid (STNA) or a Patient Care Assistant (PCA).  The basic role of the CNA is to do routine tasks in place of the LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or RN (Registered Nurse).  This is to help them do the tasks that only they can perform, such as administering medication, formulating care plans, assisting surgery room preparation and nursing […] Continue Reading…

The Fun of Thrifting

You might be asking, what on earth is thrifting? In this day and age, there are so many thrift shops, opening their doors for their customers, to find that very treasure they have been looking for. Our country is rich in “stuff” and  there is always someone to buy more stuff. One person’s junk might be someone else’s treasure. Almost every little town and big city have their share of thrift stores.

There was a time when certain people wouldn’t grace the doors of a thrift shop, but now they have become so popular, that the opposite is true. People from all social standings, are finding the benefits of thrift shops, that they turned their backs on before. Many people wearing their best fur coat have been seen looking through the aisles, maybe they are looking for that special piece of clothing, one from the 50s, for instance, that can’t […] Continue Reading…

Mammals: The Biggest, Smallest, Fastest

We are mammals and we think we are the best, we are the best in some but in other areas these mammals are better then us.

1. The Biggest

Many people say vegans can’t maintain good body fat but they should say that to the face of a Blue Whale, who’s diet is based only planktons. Weighting 150 tons the Blue Whale is the largest Mammal and also the largest known animal. The biggest land animal is the African Elephant, only weighting 15 tons compared to the Blue Whale.

2. The Smallest

The smallest mammal come from Asia and are on land. They are natives of Thailand, they measure 1.14 inches, some people disregard them and think of them as snails or insects. But no these little creatures, the pygmy shrew, produces milk, has hair like any other mammal.

3. The Fastest

This might be an easy one to guess, but not really. The fastest […] Continue Reading…

Normal Words With Epic Roots

We know every word didn’t just come up to man by imagination they always had an origin and a root. Here are four words with some very amazingly fascinating roots.

Draconian, no it has nothing to do with dragons, even though many fantasy writers have associated it with that. The truth is perhaps even more complicated. A law man Draco had written rules for the state of Athens in Greece, that was around 600BC. These rules were cruel and even the smallest of offenses would lead to a death penalty. Draco died at a reception of his. His rules were short lived as Solon, another lawmaker, said this rules were to tight and he brought some much needed change. That is why the adjective Draconian is something that qualifies as harsh, mean.

Justice, Flavius Petrus Sabbatius(483-565BC) was just a poor kid from Illyria, modern day Albania, who became Byzantine emperor. He […] Continue Reading…

Gardening – For Seniors

Are you someone who has been gardening all your life? and now you are having difficulty doing your own gardens? It might be that you can get down there, but you can’t get up again, and that situation comes to each of us in time. It is a sad place to be, especially when you loved getting your hands into your own soil, choosing which plants to buy and plant, but just can’t seem to do it anymore.

I’m a gardener, and I’m going to tell you the story about how I became one. The reason I’m telling you, is so that it might help you on your search for a gardener. You see, you never know where one may turn up. I have always had a huge interest in gardening, even the weeding, which so many people just can’t stand, but I never seemed to mind that part.

One day, […] Continue Reading…

So Is It All In The Genes? What is Heredity?

Though the question of heredity is on the minds of many people including parents in regards to passing on traits through their own genetics, the studies show that scientists are soon going to be able to identify and possibly treat any medical abnormalities prior to conception. Though this medical breakthrough may take many years, the studies of how genes are transferred through procreation are steadily making huge advances in how a particular gene can only be transmitted through genetics and how if caught early a potentially dangerous gene can be suppressed and possible eliminated through early diagnosis.


Heredity is basically passing different characteristics from one generation to the next, the obvious effect being the feature similarities between father and mother to their offspring. For instance this is the reason why offspring often look like their parents in their physical appearance such as skin and hair color as well as […] Continue Reading…

Hey! What Can Walk On Water?

Though the question of whether Christ walked on water is better left to another subject and article itself, this one purely focuses on the amazing abilities of the “Jesus Lizard” who also seems to share the ability to get across a certain amount of water without sinking. Though many insects also share this same ability to scurry across water, the sheer size and weight between the two organisms show an ultimately huge potential for further study.

Jesus Lizards

One of the original studies began when a couple of scientists named Hsieh and Lauder started examining a skittish tree-dwelling lizard named the Basilik Lizard (Basilicus plumifrons) which is normally indigenous to the warm climates of Central America. With an amazing ability, that when frightened or in fear of a predators approach, this awesome little lizard can drop to the waters surface and literally walk on the water itself.

Ranging in size from birth […] Continue Reading…

Another Wonder of Nature! The Evolution of the Dog

Our dogs that are known as (Canis lupis familiaris) are basically a form of domesticated wolves that have not only have become a basic companion for humans throughout the generations and by some cultures viewed as gods, but are sometimes used as a working dog for people, especially in the colder elements.

Used as a guide and trail leader for sleds for rescue, for the sight impaired, drug enforcement agency’s, bomb squads and even for some sporting events this animal has a history of being mans best friend!

This animal was instrumental in the advancement across the Bering Straight acting as sled dogs and without them many of early human settlements would have never happened as the weather would not have made it possible for them to reach their new destinations and create the new settlements by walking alone.

Currently there are over 400 million dogs worldwide that are used not […] Continue Reading…