Lets understand DNA

October 17th, 2008

Whoever said DNA is exclusive pattern of identity should look deep into this piece of news – Lydia Fairchild of State of Washington became one of the 50 people in the world to be born with two different sets of DNA. Source: Ripley’s Believe it or not!

Two things are clear from this piece of news; the possibility of more than one DNA in a person and there are already 50 people known possessing dual sets of DNA. Scientific community has called the people with different sets of DNA as ‘chimeras’.

For most of us, the term DNA instantly recollects the tests conducted for identity, or paternity for forensic study or legal cases. A search on DNA brings forth a lot of jargon comprehensible only by the scientific fraternity. DNA is the core factor that drives the thesis and experiments in most of the life saving research projects.

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Monkeying Around With Soldiers’ DNA

October 17th, 2008

We have all heard the Josef Stalin. He was one of the first and possibly worst leaders of the now defunct Soviet Union. This man was a tyrant who orchestrated the deaths of millions of his subjects through an engineered famine. However, the Red Army, having been decimated by wars and civil conflicts needed to be replenished. Stalin had a plan to accomplish this goal and create a new worker class to perform the most menial of jobs without complaint.

In 1926, according to secret Soviet documents recently unearthed, Josef Stalin ordered scientists to create a subhuman race of “super soldiers” by combining humans and apes. The result he envisioned would have closely resembled the gorilla warriors from “The Planet of the Apes”. His exact orders were to produce soldiers who were immune to pain, had superhuman stamina, and were not overly picky about what they ate.

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The Abominable Snowman- MYTH or REALITY

October 17th, 2008

The Himalayan range of mountains in lower central Asia and bordering the northern region of India is a vast expanse of high mountain peaks, covered with ice and snow. A vast area of the region is inaccessible to humans. The daunting peaks and biting cold have deterred many a human to fully explore the region. Only a very few hardy mountaineers and resilient trekkers have explored a small part of the terrain and that too, the areas already known to the civilized world. As a result a vast majority of the region still remains unknown to the world. This has given reasons for the origin of many stories and myths of the region. These stories have been a part of the local mountain folklore for centuries. One such story that had got the fascination of the media and humans is the story of the abominable snowman or the Yeti [...] Continue Reading…