3 Monopolies That We Stopped

There is always a huge monopoly in the world currently. Whether it is a huge super store stealing the business of a small local shop it is always happening.

Standard Oil

The 20th century standard oil was known to be controlled by a corporate power that was ruthless. It was controlled by none other then John D. Rockefeller’s company, it had secret deals with railroads and such to keep it’s competition out of the business. It controlled 90% of the oil industry in the 1900s in the US, talk about monopoly. A suit against the oil company under the Sherman Anti-Trust act . The supreme court ruled that the company should divide in other smaller companies. The giat company divided into what today is known as Esso(Exxon), Socal(Chevron). Oddly all that ordeal proved beneficial for the company. And Rockefeller became even rich then he was before.


In the 1900s, if you wanted to make a long range call there was only one way and I mean ONE way. That was to use the American Telephone & Telegraph. This company dominated the long distance call industry for nearly a century. The company got a lawsuit and it had divest itself of it’s local and smaller organization. It took the company awhile to bounce back it made it’s return to the bigger picture at the start of this decade, will they ever monopolize the industry again. That is the question…


Microsoft were the only big dog of the software industry around the 90s and the early part of this decade. In 98 the government filed a lawsuit against the company of Bill Gates. The lawsuit said that Microsoft abused their dominance as a operating system manufacturer, they took advantage of their customers and stagnated their opponents. The judge ruled against Microsoft, which would leave it broken and half the company it was but in 2001, much to the relief of Bill&Co. Microsoft won the appeal, they were forced to have some modifications and limitations but the company was left in complete stable conditions. This mad lots of people mad, the competitors and the state governments.

Three MegaCities Of The World

Some people like to live in the emptiest of places but others like to be just another face in the crowd. If you want to hide somewhere, these are a few good places!

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Some studies would lead us to believe that Tokyo is the most populated city on earth but Sao Paulo is not far of behind. The population is said to be around 10 million and plus but don’t believe that, trying to pull of a population count in cities as dense as New Mexico and Sao Paulo is near to impossible. They leave out complete areas because of difficulties etc.. In 1970, the population was just around 8million but a industrial boom had an affect on the population also. It is said that it will soon surpass 25 million people. In 1980s, the industries were very unclean and were a major pollution factor. But recent efforts have reduced their effects.

Lagos, Nigeria

In the beginning this capital of Nigeria was around 1million people and a lot easy to manage, skip 40 years from 1960 the population is around 12 million and should be at 23 million by 2015. As of the 1970s the population became nearly impossible to control, manage, crime started to boom too. So the government created another capital, Abuja, it was created in 1976. It had around 400,000 inhabitants for it’s first few years but as of 2003 it has around 4 million. Instead of stopping an existing problem, the Nigerian government has started another.

Calcutta, India

Population here is amazing, around 15 million inhabitants in one small area, it has a population density of 85,000 per square mile. It has one of the most poor urban areas in the world. But somewhat weirdly lots of the poor are educated. The city is also known as a Eastern Poetry heaven, more poetry is published here than anywhere else on the globe. The contrast between the poor and the rich is really big, some live in plastic sacs and others in big mansions. The city smells bad because in the Monsoon season it rains and compounds the already bad sanitation problems. But the city is slowing improving, mother Teresa loved the city so should you.

African Rulers Who Built Great Civilazitions

When the Europeans took over many Africans nations past empires were lost and so was it’s history. But not long ago we found out about some of the toughest African Nations before the colonization. Here are those three.

Usman Dan Fodio, in 1800s, this man was a teacher and preacher, he would dedicate his life to teach others about the Islamic religion. He accused the king of Gobir which is the current Nigeria, of not practicing the true Islamic religion. Eventually his movement spread and he gained enough support to overthrow the King. He put his sons in charge of the lands and ruling, he kept teaching his philosophy about his religion. But severe pressure from the British empire paid off in 1903, when they took every land ruled by Usman.

Shaka, was born in 1787 from a father and mother of two rival tribes. It broke taboo in the lands that they lived in, which is current South Africa. His mother’s tribe persecuted Shaka for his mother’s sin. Shaka decided to join his father’s tribe where he took his place as chief after his death. He was angry at his mother’s tribe for casting him off. Soon he had collected a huge army, which would destroy nearby clans and would take their remaining members, a bit like the Aztecs of North America use to do. Eventually Shaka destroyed all the tribes in South Africa and his mother’s which he didn’t like. He let the Europeans colonize, thinking the South African culture would stay stronger. Soon after the death of his murder he went insane, in 1827. His top officers and two half brothers assassinated him. The Zulu family died off in 1879 to the British Forces.

Samory Toure, a west African reformer, religious leader, military commando, Toure, was a Muslim from the village of Mande, in what today is Guinea. He built a rich kingdom, in which he traded gold, ivory for arms and such. He was afraid of the French who were conquering the lands around his Kingdom, he had numerous conflicts with them. But in 1883 he let them control his kingdom but later in 1891 he attacked them. Eventually they took everything he had, he left to make a kingdom on a coastal land further south but he was captured and exiled in Gabon.

Things Doctors Scope You With

Doctors have a huge variety of tools to work with, one of the most useful and used are the scopes.

The Endoscope, this tool is made to be used where the doctor needs to analyze more deeply such as most of the orifices, ears, nose, rectum and a doctor’s cut. The first model was designed by Philip Bozini in 1805, it had a candle, a miror and a rigid shaft. It might have contributed to the hate we have to go to the doctor’s. It was annoying where ever it went, not flexible and was hot, not a pleasurable experience of the person on the receiving end. It’s used to help the doctor observe relatively small areas he can’t reach himself. Now days these tools have a camera and only have a diameter of 2.8mm.

Microscope, though not used in the Doctor’s check up room but used in every lab in the world. This tool has achieved so much and has done his creator proud. It has helped mankind with breakthroughs after breakthroughs. The first ones were made in 1621, of course they were really old school. Though they were plagued with lots of problems, such as glass quality, visibility. Now days we can observe 1000 cells at once in great quality, they also have at least three lenses.

Ophthalmoscope, this tool is used to observe someones retina. It provides indirect ligh while allowing clear image of the retina which normally isn’t possible. Hermann Von Helmholtz, in 1851 invented the first model, since it’s creation it has been modified a lot of times. But it has never been as useful as it’s now, it can diagnose kidney and heart disorders too.

3 Kind Of Street Performers That Will Amaze U

If you ever been to a vacation into a nice touristic city, you must have spotted some street performers? Like jugglers, fire breathers and many more. Here are three that will just leave you drooling..

1- Sword Swallowing

Sword Swallowing is an ancient art that started long ago in Asia, more specifically in India. In India priests used it to show their invulnerability and their communication with god. Soon it spread all over the continent then it crossed over to Europe. It made it’s debut in America around 1817. It became very popular and was growing really fast. The art of swallowing a sword can be very hard to learn. You have to have complete control over your gag reflex and develop esophageal muscular strength to hold the sword still. The worries for these brave performers is not slicing your inside with the blade, because the blade is made dull so it doesn’t cut with the sides. But the edge can still damage your internal organs if not manipulated carefully. Even though of it’s popularity, currently there are only around 50 performers still remaining.

2- Juggling

Juggling is another amazing art to perform. It is the one where training pays of the most. You can always improve our timing, rhythm and mental state to juggle. It is said that the juggler is affected by all parts of his body, even those he does not use while juggling. The greatest assist a juggler could have is being ambidextrous. Perfect juggling comes alive when both your mind and body work cohesively and perfectly.

3- Mime

Street performers can invoke all kinds of emotions inside of us, they can make us drool, make us laugh or  just look in awe. Mime is the silent art of acting, it has three types French, Oriental and Italian. It began in the 1800s. Oriental mime is present in China and Japan, it’s more of theater drama and not what you would see in the west mime performances. The Italian version went into the circus industry, after years of transformations it became to what we now know as clowns. But the french one is the most known one. It requires great balance, control, strength, flexibility and coordination. All of those in one sweet clean crisp motion to create a physical illusion.

Three Interesting Kid Pyschologies

By kids I mean preschoolers, they are sweet and adorable but sometimes you notice some common behavior in them. Such as doing what you tell them not to do, but there are many more of these psychological behaviors. Here are a few more of these..

1- Object Property

Kids don’t realize some basic stuff but one of the most notable things you might have noticed in small children is..If a child is hungry he will say “cut the pizza in lots of slices, I’m really hungry” or something along the lines. Other one is..if they have a dollar bill they will exchange it to you for nickels. This is because they can only focus on one property at a time. In the pizza example it’s the amount of slices, they could instead ask for just one but a big one, then they would be focusing on size. In the money example they think they have more objects then you so they are the ones benefiting from the exchange.

2- Egocentric

Preschoolers are egocentric, meaning they believe everyone shares their point of view. This can be easily spotted when playing hide n seek with a child. They will close their eyes in front of you and they will think you cannot see, like them. Also this one is a popular trick among psychologists, ask a small girl or a boy if they have a sister or brother (make sure they do), they will answer “Yes!” but if you ask them if their brother or sister has a sister or brother they will be confused. Egocentrism may also be seen when a child is watching TV they will go really close to it, they think if they see it perfectly others will too. You may also notice preschoolers talking to each other, one talks about something then when it’s the others turn they talk about something else. That too may be attributed to Egocentrism.

3- Identification

Imagine a kid’s father is dressed as Santa Clause and kisses his mother. The kid will believe Santa Clause kissed his mother and not his father. By around the age of four or five kids understand these situations and can analyze them properly.

Interesting facts about Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most common appliances that are used in houses to some extent and in majority of offices and other business establishments is a Vacuum Cleaner – an ideal machine that cleans the rooms and other places that are frequently used by the people at large.

When people talk about Vacuum Cleaners, not just from the utility value, from the invention point, the first thing that comes to mind is that of William Hoover, who is credited with the invention of this wonder machine. Such is the fame of William Hoover as the inventor of this machine is that people often not talk just about cleaning the room, they even refer to the process of hoovering the room.

William H. Hoover, many people might not be aware of, is not the actual inventor of this wonder machine. This does not, in any way, discredit this famous person from his association with the vacuum cleaning machine.

It was only William Hoover, who recognized the potential of a cleaning machine, that not only cleans the room with minimum effort, but is also portable and can be carried to any place. He created a company to market this wonder machine and rechristened as Electric Suction Sweeper Company in the year 1922.

It was in the year 1869 that the sweeping machine was first invented and the credit goes to a person named Ives McGaffey. He patented this wonder machine in that year with the appropriate authorities.

In 1901, a British patent was granted to a similar cleaning machine to a person named Hubert Cecil Booth.

It was in 1907 that a cleaner working in a departmental store in Ohio, James Murray Spangler, came up with a new kit to help him in the cleaning work he is entrusted to do, in line with the famous saying – Necessity is the mother of invention.

What did Spangler do? He rigged up the fan motor of an old sewing machine to a soapbox and stapled both the things to a broom handle. He also attached a pillowcase at one end to collect the dust. Impressed with this invention, William Hoover bought the patent for this unique discovery, appointed James Spangler as the superintendent of the company and started marketing this unique machine, which we called as Vacuum Cleaner.

Hats off the business mind of William Hoover which earned him the name and fame in the world.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch MMA If You Love The Sport

1.A mixed-martial art is a fair sport. In the realm of combat sport it is the most fair since fighters weighted evenly and matched up with an opponent with the same weight. Weight is not the only reason why it is considered fair; the rankings of the players are considered in each match-up. This is the very reason why it is called MMA pound for pound.

2.A mixed-martial art is a reality. Unlike entertainment wrestling where moves and rivalry is scripted, in MMA the fights are 100% real and nothing is scripted. In mixed-martial arts you will be able to see the different styles and how fighters utilize it.

3.Mixed-martial art is a very informative sport. Watching mixed-martial arts allows the viewer to see the different fighting styles and able to decide if they would want to take on combat sports. Another reason for its being informative is even though the viewers do not go to formal training they can still learn the sport by constantly watching MMA shows and practicing it safely at the convenience of their own homes.

4.Mixed-martial art is displays the different styles of fighting showing the weakness and the strengths of each discipline. This is a very good place to see the dominance of one discipline from the other. In cases where fighters are using the same kind of martial art it is up to the experience and tactics to create an opportunity to win the bout.

5.The most unique quality of the sport that it is unpredictable. Unlike most sports the mixed-martial art is a very unpredictable due to the nature of it being a combat sport. Even match-ups which are almost predictable turn to surprise every one with just a difference of one punch.

These things makes the world of MMA popular and enjoyable to watch by both MMA practitioners and ordinary people alike.

Interesting facts about Hurling

Do you know which field game is played at a relatively faster pace, especially with regard to game play?

It is not basketball played at the NBA level.  Nor it is football played by the champion teams in the EPL, or La Liga?

It is Hurling – an outdoor team game that originated in Ireland and is popular across many parts of the world including Europe, United Kingdom, North America, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina.

Game and its objective:

Hurling is a team game played between two teams, with each team having 15 players.  Each player will be provided with a wooden stick called as hurley    Using the hurley, the players of each team has to hit a small ball, called as sloiter, either into the opponent’s goal post or above the goal post.  The goal posts on either side of the ground will be guarded by a goal keeper holding a bat which has a wider portion in the bottom to stop the ball from going into the goal post.

Points: If a player of one team hits the sloiter above the goal post of the opponent, then his team will get one point.  If the sloiter is hit into the goal post, then three points will be awarded to the team.

Unique features:   Each member of the team is called as a hurler.  The hurler can tap the sloiter with the hurley in his hand either on ground or hit it in the air for passing to other team members.  He is also allowed to take the sloiter in his hand, but should not move more than four steps with the ball in hand.  Holding the sloiter in the hurley, he can move not more than three steps.  If he does not follow, that will be a foul and the opponent team will be given the chance to hit the sloiter.

Dimensions of the field: The game is typically played outdoor in the ground.  The play area is typically of rectangular shape having a length between 137 meters and 145 meters, and a width ranging between 80 meters and 90 meters.

Mode of play and protection:  Players could wear protective gears such as helmet or shin guards while playing.  Shouldering with the opponent in pursuit of retrieving the sloiter is allowed.  However, blocking the opponent is not allowed.

Duration of the game: The total duration of the game is for 70 minutes, divided into two halves of 35 minutes, with a breather of 5 minutes in between the two periods.

The game is played at a fast pace, with 28 players running for the sloiter in the field to gain possession and advance it towards the goal post in the opponent’s area.

10 Lifehack tricks to help you manage life better

Are you someone who is leading a life full of chaos? Do you sometimes feel that time simply flies away without you achieving much out of it? Do you feel completely stressed at the end of the day because you did more than what you can normally manage?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you must look at something called lifehack tricks.

Lifehack is the technique that helps one organize life and remove chaos. With effective lifehack technique, one can make it easier to manage life and makes it more convenient. With lifehack tricks in place, you will lead a happier, more purposeful life. The number of hours in a day cannot exceed 24 and lifehack tricks will enable you to use this time more effectively.

In the section below we have listed some ways you can improve your life and control it better.

1. Time management

Time management is something that most people struggle with. We simply don’t seem to have enough time for ourselves. If we put in more time at work, then personal life goes for a toss. And if we spend too much time satisfying people at home, the boss doesn’t take it too kindly. A work life balance is a must for healthy and uncomplicated living. We must know what we need to do in the next 24 hours. Quoting Dale Carnegie – we must live in day tight compartments and not worry about the past or the future.

2. Stress management

Stress is a perspective that hampers us not only mentally, but physically too. Too much stress can cause burnout where we simply give up hope. Organizing life and managing time effectively can help us keep stress in check. We tend to worry all the time but most of them never come true.

3. Appreciating people

Appreciation is one thing that we must do on a regular basis. Normal human tendency is to criticize and condemn people. However, if we focus more on the error and not the person, we get to build better relationships with people around us. This helps us work with people around us in a better manner and it is easier to manage time, stress and work.

4. Increasing capability

This point reminds me of the woodcutter who appeared in front of a supervisor and asked for a woodcutting job. Since he looked strong, the supervisor took him in on a trial basis and gave him the target of chopping down 10 trees at the end of the day. The woodcutter managed it quite easily and was given the job. However, to his utter dismay, he discovered that the number of trees that he was able to chop daily started diminishing with each passing day. Then there came a time when he could only manage to cut two trees in an entire day. When he asked the supervisor the reason for this lack of performance, he got the response that he needed to shine the axe and nothing else.

All of us forget to shine the axe from time to time. We put in all the effort but due to lack or dullness of capability, we don’t manage to achieve our targets. It is a good idea to look back sometime and find out whether we need to sharpen our skills. Our advice: Upgrade your skills continuously….you will feel good!

5. Looking at long-term goals

It is always a good idea to look at long-term goals along with short-term goals. For jobs that don’t have much time to finish them off, short-term goals are good. However, when it comes to life, it is always a good idea to set up goals that we are planning to achieve in the next 5 or even 10 years. When we have the goal in place, we automatically tend to create a path for achieving the goal. Oh, yes! Write down those goals, it always helps.

6. Streamlining work

Streamlining work is very important for us to be able to get our work done on time and in the best possible manner. If we check our email after intervals, if we keep the workplace tidy and clean, if we set goals for ourselves and if we effectively delegate, then we have a more systematic work environment around us that makes life seem so easy to lead.

7. Getting automation done

For work that is repetitive, it is always good to automate and/or delegate it. That gives us time to look at newer and challenging tasks that always seem to come up.

8. Email management

Emails are one of the worst deterrents to effective working. We normally keep our emails open and whenever we receive a new mail, we leave everything else to check that email. It really creates a lot of disturbance and hampers the normal flow of work. The ideal way is to check emails after an interval.

9. Being innovative

Innovation is something that we need to do on a continuous basis. Innovation is a process where we create something better than what we already have. The core innovation process dictates that we have a team in place because innovating all alone could be an arduous task more often than not. When we want ideas to come in fluently, it is always better to run the proposed innovation process with other team members and stakeholders before arriving at the final solution.

Innovation helps us be braver in the organization where we have the courage to voice our ideas. With innovation, we tend to manage work and time better and it also gives us immense self satisfaction due to the fact that we created something new.

10. Organization

It is easy to be organized provided we have the mind for it. From personal to professional life, if we have a flow in whatever we do, life becomes much simpler. Of course, there has to be some buffer for contingencies. Priority lists and to do lists help immensely in organization.

When we diligently follow one or more of these tricks mentioned above, we can rest assured that life is simpler and easier to lead.