Why is a cup of coffee called a cup of joe?

In 1913, The US navy use to have the same habits as the British Navy. Drinking too much rum. They would drink rum every hour or so, that was the tradition. But it soon changed when the Secretary that year was Joseph(Joe) Daniels, a non-alcohol man, he prohibited any alcohol on any American navy ship. The coffee was the strongest drink for the sailors, they didn’t like it but nothing else was much better. So they started calling their coffee mugs a cup of Joe.

Did you know rum was often used by the politicians in that era to persuade people to vote for them. They would often treat them with Bumbo(better rum than the navy’s) at the elections.

Why is someone who is dazed said to be Groggy?

Someone who is hazed or confused or dizzy is often said to be dazed. They see your groggy because you might be drunk from the grog.  Back in the 18th century, a British Admiral E. Vernon tried to change the drinking habits of his sailors by modifying their rum with more water in it. So it would prevent them from getting too drunk. The old admiral use to wear a grogram coat and was known as Old Grog. Grog was often used to describe rum but not so often these days.

Also a nice fact is that George Washington’s brother Lawrence Washington was on one of Vernon’s ships. Though he wasn’t George’s actual brother but rather his half brother.

Interesting facts about Capoeira

Have you heard of a sport that involves martial arts, music, and dance as an integral part of the game? It is Capoeira – an art form that is part of Brazilian culture and is also the national sport of the country.

Historical records reveal that this unique sport has been brought into Brazil way back in the 16th century by the slaves from Angola. Basically it is a combative sport disguised in a dance form with music.

According to some historians, the game of Capoeira emerged as an emotional outlet for the slaves to get relief from their oppression both through violence as well as art forms of music and dance. Because of the violence, the game has been banned in the second half of 19th century. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the game has been revived and treated more as a sport and cultural art form in Brazil.

What is Capoeira?

Capoeira is a unique sport in which the combative martial art skills of African slaves and the music and dance of Brazil are entwined. The game takes place in open area where the participants in the game form a big circle called as Roda. Some of the participants start playing music or singing the folk songs. Participants enter into the circle or roda in pairs and perform acrobatic skills in tune with the song and music. The acrobatic skills and fighting between the participants in the circle include elbow strikes, feints, sweeps, kicks, body throws as well as head butts.

While a pair of players perform in the center of the roda, the other participants sing and clap their hands in tune with the music and the songs sung, in an effort to encourage the players in the ring.

The unique feature of this sport is the music. The style and tempo of the game is determined by the type of music. There are a number of forms of music – slow music or fast-paced music beats. As part of the music, songs are also sung by the participants, which do not have any specific poetic form, but mostly narrative, where one person calls and the other person replies for the call. The subject matter of the songs might be varied from historic facts to famous players in the game.

Though Brazil is renowned for Football in sports field, Capoeira retains the popularity among the masses and rightly declared as the National Sport of that country.

Fun Facts About Haiti

Haiti has been on the news a lot recently not for the good reasons though, sadness and catastrophe have taken over the island. People all over from the world are helping them right now. Here are some great facts about this little Island.

  • The First natives of Haiti were the Taino Amerindians.
  • It was discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus.
  • In about 25 years the Taino natives were all gone, because of diseases brought by the Spanish or just them killing them meaninglessly.
  • The Spanish called this area Hispanyola.
  • The Spanish gave control of the colony in 1697 to The French, hence why they currently often leave to French parts of the world.
  • It soon became one of the wealthiest colonies in the west because it’s sugar cane, wood and other natural resources. This was only achieved through Slavery and environment degradation.
  • In 1804, they were one of the first black colonies to declare independence.
  • They have always been politically unstable, in 2004 they exiled their president Jean Bertrand.
  • Haiti is in the middle of a hurricane belt, from June to October, tornado’s and such are common.
  • In Haiti, whenever there are drought periods, earthquakes are soon to come.
  • The Northern part which the Spanish didn’t give away in 1697 is The Dominicans.
  • Haiti is mostly catholic with 80% of the population practicing that.
  • 9 million is the population but the amount is unstable due to major deaths etc..

All that you should know about the CCIE BootCamp

Do you know which one is the Cisco’s best professional certification? If you are still scratching your head, then the answer is…..the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certificate (Now you would say “I knew this one”). If you have this certification, grabbing your dream job would become a reality. With the CCIE BootCamp, you will be all set to take the CCIE exam with utter ease.

When one talks about internetworking, the benchmark is the CCIE. There cannot be anything above this one!! CCIE BootCamp helps you to prepare for the certification exam. It is a disciplined course that would completely immerse you in it and with sheer hard work the respectable CCIE certificate will be right in your hand.

The CCIE BootCamp redefines excellence. Your instructors at the CCIE BootCamp program are highly skilled and will provide you not only the methods to crack the CCIE exam but also enough knowledge on the subject to apply it in your workplace. Moreover, it has the most hi-tech facilities and comfortable accommodation for the once interested. Most companies include a round trip airfare to the CCIE BootCamp center, lunch, dinner and course materials in the fee that is charged from you.

The course material is extensively developed, which is completely CISCO approved. Its not just materials that you get to read in the camp (it is way more interesting than that, at least!), it also includes hands-on training, presentations, seminars and lectures. You will be provided with tasks, where you can tease your brain and get an in-depth knowledge of the subject taught. Moreover, CCIE BootCamp is highly convenient as it allows you to take the test at the training center itself. In case you fail in the exam, you can take the exam again at no additional costs (could it get better than this?).

The CCIE BootCamp puts you under pressure and requires you to have immense dedication and diligence (if you are the one who likes taking things easy, it is definitely not your cup of tea). On a serious front, this camp is arranged for a certain fixed number of days (varying from company to company), where intensive training routine is followed. The exam is a test of knowledge, skill and patience; through the camp, one can acquire all of these.

There are various companies offering CCIE BootCamp program to you (you will find uncountable such advertisements on the websites and newspapers), but do not get fooled by their tall claims. Making a comparative study of all the services provided by the various institutions is quite a good idea. Also, check the success rate of every company in the CCIE exams (no matter how high-end the services are it all gets down to the exam).

We all know that there is cut-throat competition in IT industry and one requires proving oneself at every level. The most popular CCIE BootCamp is on CCIE routing and switching, security, voice, etc. Being CCIE certified makes you better than the rest. Join a CCIE BootCamp and add more weight to your resume.

Facts about Carbon dating

Many people might have no doubt heard about the word “dating”, a new culture that has crept into the life in recent years, especially among the young men and women. Dating among celebrities is of course a hot cake news among the newspapers and magazines. What we want to discuss has nothing related to dating as is understood among common people.

“Carbon dating” is a boon for the archaeologists.

Carbon dating, also referred to as “radiocarbon dating” in technical terms, refers to the process of determining the age of a carbonaceous material which might be as old as 58,000 years to 62,000 years.

This interesting discovery has been propounded by William Libby in the year 1949 at the University of Chicago. It was this for great invention or discovery, William Libby was honored with the Noble Prize for Chemistry in the year 1969.

William Libby has proved his novel concept by accurately calculating the age of a wooden piece of ancient Egyptian origin excavated by the archaeological department. The age determined by William Libby perfectly coincided with the historical records about that particular wooden piece.

In simple terms, without any major requirement of major scientific knowledge to understand the intricacies of an innovation of this nature, let us try to understand what this carbon dating actually refer to. The naturally occurring radioisotope carbon in the process of photosynthesis that matches with the atmosphere at that time is what makes it possible for determining the age of any thing. The radioisotope carbon or C-14 as it is technically is discovered to have a half-life of about 5,730 years. This C-14 carbon will be present in all substances. The process of identifying the C-14 carbon and the extent of decay of C-14 in a material can be used for finding out the exact date of the material, is what William Libby discovered and proved to the scientific world.

Now, the technique of carbon dating is used by the archaeologists to accurately date the period or age of any material, be it the age of the inscriptions or the kind of materials that were used in those days.

Archeology is becoming a very high-level sophisticated field of study, equipped with discoveries such as carbon-dating, dendrochronology and such other fascinating things.

3 Smart Things Plants Can Do

Plants don’t have a brain! But they can do some pretty damn smart stuff, that some humans have trouble doing.

1. Reproduce

They reproduce, who ever said sex is something you don’t need brains to do, is right. The plants use pollen and the pollen goes on a ovum. The pollen is carried by the wind or bee’s. Ovum is the equal of an egg in need of a fertilization. Pollen is like Sperm but the plant equivalent.

2.Respond To Stress

Plants, what would they stress about? Because plants can’t move and they have to depend on good weather. They have some stress signals and tactics for cases like: High Salinity, Heat and Chill.  Though their tactics to survive only work for short periods, if it is a long period stress they die.

3.Plants Can Kill You

Plants can kill you, but there is no need. Some plants produce waste, like the waste you produce but poisonous.  Other plants have toxins that they can release when a prey threatens to eat them. Though these toxins have been used for medical reasons too. Like opium poppies, a deadly alkaloid, it has been used as medicine for long times in form of codeine and morphine.

Fun Facts About Barcelona

Spain has been dominated by great generations of Madrid teams but Barcelona have always been there to make their lives difficult. Here are a few facts about the Club that represents the Catalan heritage in the Spanish league.

Full Name: FC Barcelona

  • Nicknames, often just called Barca, sometimes called Blaugrana, Los Cules.
  • Their stadium is Camp Nou, the capacity is 98,772.
  • They were founded in 1899 by Joan Gamper.
  • Until 1929, they won a few Copa Del Reys but not yet becoming, but from 29 to 39 Spain was under the rule of Francisco Franco, he ordered Barcelona to remove their Catalan emblem. Barca went into an identify crises and financial one too.
  • In 1930, their president was killed by soldiers of Franco.
  • They had won their first title in 29, they won their second one in 45.
  • For Fans the club is representing the entire region of Catalonia, that’s why the Los Cules say “Més que un club”, more than a club.
  • In 57, in they built what their current stadium is, Camp Nou.
  • Under the presidency of Joan Laporta they have won two champions league titles, three league titles, 1 fifa world club champion, 1 cupa del rey(11 years before their last one) and a host of other “super cups”.
  • Most Goals scored by a player for Barca is 356 by Paulino Alcántara, who for a forward retired in a young age of 31.
  • Migueli is the player with the most appearances, 548.
  • Migueli even played a finals game with a broken collar bone.
  • Their rivals are Real Madrid and RCD Espanyol.. The rivalry with Real Madrid is fueled by pure hate. Madrid being part of the old Castille kingdom and Barca of the Catalonia. Barcelona wanted to separate from Spain but were succumbed by Franco’s regime. This rivalry has been on the pitch and off, from Barca’s president getting killed by Franco’s soldiers and that humiliating defeat 11-1 to Madrid. They have done well to take over the Spanish giants in the last year.
  • RCD Espanyol, this rivalry is territorial and also because of the politics. Espanyol are from Catalonia but their generally accepted in Spain for trying to be a part of the country unlike Barcelona. They recently had a win in the season of 08/09 against Barca, where Barca won every trophy they competed in. Espanyol defeated them 3-1 in the league, two goals came by the former Barca player, Ivan De La Pena.

Facts About Juventus

Italian football has synonymous with one word and that is Juventus. Since their comeback after the calcio scandal, they finished 3rd in their 1st season back, 2nd last year but equal to Ac Milan on points. And currently they are in fourth under Napoli, lot of discussion has happened recently about their inexperienced  coach, Ciro. Forgetting their current state, here is a few facts about Juve.

  • Full Name: Juventus Football Club
  • Founded In 1897
  • Nicknames: Bianconeri (Black and White), La Vecchia Signora (The Old Lady), La Goeba, La Fidanzata d’Italia (The Girlfriend of Italy), Zebre (zebras), Madama, La Signora Omicidi(The Lady Killer).
  • Juventus is the third oldest club in Italy after Genoa, Pro Patria and one of the oldest still active in the world.
  • The club was founded by Irish Students, who were in Turin at the time.
  • Juventus means young in Latin, it was named so because the creators were young students.
  • Their Chairman in the early 1900s, left the club to create FC Torino, Alfred Dick.
  • Once their chairman wanted to turn the clubs name into Jugen Fussverein. The club was about to seriously disappear.
  • Juventus weren’t anything special pre war but after the first war their squad was quite good..Edoardo Agnelli had bought the club in 1923 and had turn the clubs fortune’s around.
  • At first their uniform was pink and black with a tie but in 1905 they changed to the white and black of today.
  • Under Moggi, as director, Juventus signed Zidane, Davids, Thuram, Zlatan. They brought lots of superstars, making the team one of in the 90s and early 21st era.
  • Juventus being the club with most fans in Italy. And the most successful. It’s normal to have rivalries and Juve does have a few rivalries.
  • FC Torino are their direct rivals for being from the same city.  Their rivalry was at its peak in the 70s, in 76/77 when Juventus won the Scudetto with 51pts and Torino finishing in second with 50pts. In 2007 when they faced in the First division after a long time, violent clashes happened outside, 30 fans died.
  • The Rivalry with Inter Milan is an old one…Inter’s team was one of the best in the 60s and were winning titles like paper. Until Juventus  literally stole one, everyone thought Inter had won the league but they lost their last league game vs Mantova due to a mistake by Sarti their keeper at the time. Also the Calciopoli added injury to insult getting demoted in Serie B, their title was given away to Inter. And also Inter’s Vice President Marco Tronchetti Provera was the owner of Telecom the company that tapped the calls of Juventus Directors paying Referees.
  • Juventus have more Scudetto’s than anyone, 21.
  • Like all big historical clubs at some period they had magical players. Juventus legends include : Sivori was one of the most talented players in their 50s squad. He was famous for his big shaved head, arguing with referees and he won 3 titles in Serie A. Dino Zoff, a great goalkeeper of his time, one of the best actual, he went to Juve at the age of 30 and stayed their for 11 years. Also won the world cup at the age of 40. Michel Platini is another great player who played in Juventus, the manager called him a number 9 player and a half. Describing his playmaking abilities and his striker instincts. Roberto Baggio, he had injury problems when he was young, but managed to become one of Italy’s best strikers in the 90s. Pavel Nedved is another recent legend, having being a pivotal force in the Juves Champions League quest and scudetto reign in the early parts of the 21st century. Alessandro Del Piero, the captain, Juventus’s golden boy, the man he took over Vieri, Baggio in Italy.
  • Most appearances are held by Gaetano Scirea(552) but Del Piero will surpass him in a few games.
  • Most goals are held by Del Piero with 265 in all competitions.

Fun Facts about Nexus One, the Iphone Killer

The Google’s much awaited phone, Nexus One has finally arrived. Google has some big dreams with this one and is all set to compete with the mobile giant companies such as Apple and Motorola. Mobile phone lovers have their hands outstretched in anticipation for this new gadget but the question is will Nexus One will be able to live up to its name and the buzz that it has created. If you have your heart set on this android phone, then the following fun facts about this phone will be enjoyable and beneficial for you.

  • The display of the Nexus One is quite great. Its OLED 800 X 480 and 3.5-inch screen is bigger than the iPhone, which has a 480 X 320 pixel screen. Though, compared to the Droid with 3.7-inch and 480 X 854 pixels, TFT-LCD screen, the Nexus One screen is much smaller, but nevertheless, OLED screen are known to be much better and have brighter displays. So, a Nexus One is literally a much more colorful option.
  • Google’s Nexus One with its 130 gram weight and 11.3 mm depth is quite light and thin compared to the other high-end phones. The iphone weighs 135 grams and has a 123 mm depth. If you looking for something that can easily fit into your skinny jeans, without making a hole in it, then this is just right for you.
  • It is quite fast as well. It is Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz processor is the reason for it being faster than the Motorola’s Droid and the Apple’s iPhone with 550 and 600 MHz chips, respectively. The RAM size is even greater for Nexus One. Obviously, when you are looking for android phone, the speed is an important feature, which would help you open all applications at a fast rate; the Nexus One does exactly the same for you. The phone also contains a proximity sensor, digital compass, accelerometer and a light sensor. Its microSD slot has a 4GB memory card that can be expanded to 32 GB. It even supports a WiFi connection a GSM radio.
  • Its 5 Mega pixel camera with LED flash and digital zoom of 2X is much better than the iPhone or Droid’s camera. The image with this phone is very clear and detailed. The gallery has also become very user-friendly and consequently photo-viewing has become easier.
  • In terms of design it is like any other android phone with a stylish rectangular look. Its wide screen makes it looks it even better than its competitors. It is made out of good quality tough plastic and is quite hardy. The front surface of the phone also has a track ball, which basically lights up to notify you about a new mail or msg.
  • Its on-screen keyboard feature is great and is as good as the iPhone. You can type in both portrait and landscape modes. It even supports a large number of languages such as U.S. English, Spanish, German, Italian, German, Portuguese and French.
  • The Nexus One is using the latest 2.1 Android software. It is definitely very advantageous. The typing system has become voice enabled making it more stylish. Just with a touch you get access to live wallpapers. A Photo gallery, which is 3-D, is an equally exciting feature that would attract you to get hold of this phone. It is in sync with your Picasa albums that will allow you to browse all your web albums quite easily. The number of homescreens is 5 in this one in place of 3, which obviously makes the UI look much better. The Android 2.1 software can support as much as a whooping 18,000 applications or more and with a button all the applications can be easily viewed by the user.
  • The multitouch feature that is present in the Droid is omitted in the Nexus One. Although it has software, Android 2.1 that can support that feature but only Google knows why it chose not to include it in the Nexus. Maybe its upgraded version might include it. Its single touch feature is good but sometimes even this feature requires multiple tapping.
  • Google is providing two purchasing options to its potential customers. In U.S. it is available with a single plan and a 2 year deal with T-Mobile at a price of $ 180. The other option is to buy the unlocked version for $ 530 right from the Google website. This unlocked Nexus One is meant for only GSM networks like the AT & T and T-Mobile. Due to 3G frequency difference, currently the phone is best suited the T-Mobile connection. Google has plans of expanding the carriers and intends to extend it to Verizon (in U.S.A) and Vodafone (in Europe) soon. Google is currently only delivering the Nexus One to countries such as Singapore, UK and Hong Kong.
  • In terms of the earpiece and sound quality, the Nexus One is satisfactorily good but the conference loudspeaker is not strong enough to support your calls with good clarity.
  • In terms of battery life, it provides a talk time of about 10 hours in case of 2G and 7 hours for 3G phone. Its standby time is 290 hours for 2G and 250 for 3G. Obviously, in case of long calls, the battery level dips but it works wonderfully and does not show sudden battery drains or any such problems.

Whether you choose to buy this phone or not, the Google Nexus One is not pushing the Droid out of the market. With Motorola planning to introduce the Android 2.1 software in Droid, it seems Nexus has tough competition to face in the near future. Although, one can definitely buy it for its Google Maps, voice applications, faster speed and a sleek and sexy look to name a few. The Google Nexus One will become even better if it could allow Google docs in the phone. The inclusion of spreadsheets and word documents that could be edited will be highly beneficial. Hope Google is listening!!