Why Is an underdog win called an “Upset”?

The word upset means to have an emotion of sadness or being tipped over. It had no relations with sports until august 13, 1919, when, only in his seventh race, he had become synonymous with glory for being able to defeat all the great horses of his time, his name was Man’O’ War. He was the Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Pele, of his competition. He is still considered the greatest race horse of all time. But one day it lost to an unknown horse, whose name was Upset. Since that day, when an unknown has won against a known one in sports, it’s called an upset.

But Man’O War still became the greatest horse ever. It had 20 wins and only 1 lose. He retired at 3 years old, he lived up to thirty, and became the greatest sires in the history of horse racing.

Why is Money Called Cash?

Money’s nicknames and surnames have fascinating stories. The word money is from the word Latin moneta, which ironically comes from Hebrew word mone, meaning weight or coins. In the bible the term was maneh, it also means coins  and stands for monetary term. The word  cash comes from the late 16th century, in England. It also has relations with the word, casse meaning money box, cassier meaning a treasurer, which has give us the word cashier, in french.  The abbreviation of cashier, is cash.

The surname Cash is a variant of case, and is occupational name given to persons who made boxes or chests.

Facts about the Missing Nose of Great Sphinx

The Great Sphinx, one of the great monuments of Egyptian and Greek art, is a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human being. According to historians, the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt was supposed to have been constructed around 2,500 B.C.

Apart from the mythological features and salient aspects of the great art, the Great Sphinx of Giza is also considered to be the symbol for being one of the most wanton acts of vandalism in the history. Why is it so? The Great Sphinx of Giza, as we now see it, has its nose broken and the face disfigured due to absence of the nose.

Historical records and study in to the glorious past of our ancient people, unfortunately, are not sanctum sanctorum and unfortunately, some errors do creep in mistakenly or out of curiosity to add pleasure.

The recording […] Continue Reading…

Fun facts or myths about the “Dracula”

The name “Dracula” often sends shivers through the spine of a weak-heartened man or woman. It is associated with the evil witch or the devil in whatever context it is used.

Is there something called a Dracula representing the evil witch or devil?

Many of the recent findings and interesting facts make us believe it to be more of a myth and nothing really dangerous or threatening as it is often presumed.

Before learning about the myths about this world, let us see what made this word so threatening in the first instance.

The word “Dracula” was the name of a horror classic of that time, in 1897, by the author of the novel Bram Stoker. The horror story is about many horror events and other related things that are mostly followed as superstitions in Eastern Europe during that period, especially with related to the dead and about the vampires and […] Continue Reading…

The Origins Of Over The Top

During the First World War, a charge over the protective battery next to a trench was said to be going over the top. Such a charge by the soldiers resulted in many casualties, as do most war maneuvers.  Since the casualty/death rate is high in such action. People who did were said to be going over the top, they considered it a brave gesture and now the phrase has somewhat become associated with that and excessive actions.

Interesting fact, 116,000 soldiers of US army died in a short period of seven months. Some by going over the top…

America’s Favorite Snack!

The title doesn’t clearly state the area which is in question, by America I mean North America. North Americans munch around 1.2 billion pounds of potato chips each year, making it the most consumed snack food in the entire North America. In 1852, in a resort at Saratoga, New York, Cornelius Vanderbilt bought some french fries but sent them back to the chef because they were too thick. Chef George Blum replied to Cornelius complaint by making the fries extra thin and frying them. He sent them back and Cornelius fell in love.

Today, chips are worth more than potatoes, a pound of potato costs 500 times less than a pound of chips. 90% of Americans have a snack , 50% do have them more than once a day. 90% of Americans buy chips at least every three weeks. Tortillas are bought every month in 75% of the cases. 86% […] Continue Reading…

The Facts About Red Heads

“Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.”
Lucille Ball

Some of us are drawn to the color Red like a bull in Spain, relentless, fixed, and pure. Less than four percent of the world population has naturally red hair. That is less than two percent in America. The gene for Ginger hair was discovered in 1995 and this discovery got little attention. This is not consistent as red heads have gotten lots of it. Some negative such as the association with witches and a crazy temper. Some are positive, such as our love for Lucy, The Little Mermaid, and the Feminist icon of Lilith, the first wife of Adam who insisted on sexual equality. So many deceptive MYTHS are of common knowledge concerning the crimson strand. Read […] Continue Reading…

The Mind Boggling Story Of The Turkey

Everybody loves turkey, they eat in religious events, a good little sandwich and many more delicious ways. It all started in 1519, Hernando Cortez returned to Spain after traveling around in Mexico, the native “Indians” introduced him to a bird. He told the European world about the bird, the French named it after the Indians, Dindon (which means pouletes d’ Inde). Although the Germans, Dutch and Swedes called it Kilcon after the bird from Calcutta (Indian city). By the time the English heard of it, the bird was supposedly from Turkey.

So basically nobody at the time knew from where the bird was, the names were different for each country.

What are Crocodile Tears?

Yes, the very famous saying, Hey don’t believe him those are crocodile tears, meaning the person in question is faking it. What does it have to do with crocodiles? The relation might be more direct than you’d think. Crocodile’s have a great technique to lure prey, this method works greatly against humans who don’t know this and go into Croc territory. Crocs lay motionless under the sunlight often in tall hidden grass, the Croc will leave its mouth open putting pressure in its tear glands almost making the same sound effect as a crying baby. They also shed tears without any emotion or sense.

Did You Know? Hippos are the most dangerous animals in Africa, they kill more humans than any other wild animal.

Interesting facts about “The pied piper of Hamelin”

Bedtime stories galore across the world. It is quite common that the young kids are told many fairy tales in their childhood by the elderly people, mostly the grannies, and even mothers, with a primary intention of creating some interest to the children to follow some noble virtues and also for the sake of fun. Most bedtime stories are told to make the child sleep or to make them feel happy.

While many stories are mere fantasies just said to inculcate some good habits among the children, some of the stories do have some reference to the past and are not mere fantasies and do have some historical background, claim the historians and archeologists, having uncovered some startling facts.

One such story, which is very popular among the kids, is that of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

The story, as told to the children, is something as follows.

There existed in […] Continue Reading…