Blogging your way to an education

January 11th, 2012

The Internet is a great place to learn things. But did you know it is also a great way to open up opportunities for learning in the real world? It’s true!

Of course we can all name tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg who dropped out of college and went on to become millionaires. But times have changed. Tech companies in Silicon Valley are now populated with computer science graduates from Stanford, UC Berkeley and other great schools from all over the world. These jobs have gotten very competitive, especially now, and even if you have the skills, you will need a degree to compete.

Sure, you say, you can learn a lot in the real world in expensive colleges. But what good does it do you if you if you graduate college and find yourself living in Zuccotti Park, saddled with the weight of more student loans and college debt than [...] Continue Reading…

Connect to Your Favorite Software Sites with Social Media

December 30th, 2011

Downloadable content is scattered all over the Internet, and it’s easy to lose track of all the sites you may visit to add extras to your hard drive. Instead of sorting through bookmarks, trying to remember URLs or scrolling through your Programs List in hopes of getting lucky, connect to your favorite software sites with social media. Many of the companies you download packages from have profiles on popular social sites, just like you.
Following Your Favorites

As any Facebook user knows, you get to see what your friends are up to when you check your social media homepages. Anytime your sister posts that she’s bought another holiday present or your brother announces that he’s watching the game, you see it (whether you want to or not). But sometimes, those random updates can be helpful…depending on who you’re following.

When you follow your favorite software sites, you’ll be among the first to [...] Continue Reading…

Three Interesting Facts That’ll Change Your Opinion on College Students

December 24th, 2011

People have built a sub-conscience image of what they believe to be the traditional college student. To many people, college students are typically in their late teens to early 20s, living in dorms, and partying it up while occasionally studying for tests. While that description may describe some college students, it can hardly be used to describe all students who attend a college or university.

The following are some interesting facts and statistics that have been collected on various college students. While this information won’t change how everyone views college students, it can help give people a better understanding of what the typical college student might be.
Many College Students Attend Community College
With college tuition costs on the rise, many college students are starting to rely upon community colleges to start their college careers. Community colleges are appealing because they offer a variety of undergraduate courses that students could attend at [...] Continue Reading…