YouTube Caption not that great yet – Watch for spellings!

I was watching Matt Cutts video over YouTube WebmasterHelp and I realized that the new Youtube Caption feature has yet to go through some more testing. For instance if you go to this youtube link and move the time line to 1:09 seconds, you will realize that Matt is saying “how much you weight social media links” instead the YouTube caption shows “WAIT” which I doubt Matt meant to say. I thought I will just share this, I find the new feature great but it can ruin your spellings if you are someone into YouTube :(

Why do Brazilians have nicknames?

If you know a Brazilian they probably have a nickname or just a fraction of their name will be used when talking about them. If you watch soccer(European football) you will surely have noticed phenomenon. If you see Brasil playing you will often see players with one name, examples include: Kaka, Ronaldo,  Ronaldinho and many more. Most of these players have longer names it wouldn’t  be conventional to have it on their jersey and for the commentators. But it goes even deeper than just soccer, even their president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is only refereed by her nickname. Some say it is because of Brazil’s past illiteracy but not many agree with that anymore.

Some people don’t even know their best friends real name because of the nickname phenomena. Some are called by their traits, like an American friend of mine who studied there was called Americano, which is nothing disrespectful it’s just their way of being intimate and friendly. Some Asians have been known to be called Toshiba.  If you look like someone famous you get his name, like this Brazilian player who looked like Maradonna(famous soccer player) is now called Maradonna.

Others have different roots such as their home state, Juninho Paulista which someone coming from Paulista would be called. It is the same as saying Bob California..Some cities have the telephone book names in their nicknames, that is how widespread the use of the nickname is in Brazilian society.

Why are some names ended with Ninho’? Well it does resemble to the Spanish word Nino which means small. There are many suffix, which also describe the person in some way. A Ronaldo smaller than the other one would be called Ronaldinho, one bigger than Ronaldo would be called Ronaldao.

So when you see Brazilian nickname know that it has some roots.

Why Do We Call The Red Crustacean a “lobster”?

Why do we call the delicious red crustacean a “lobster”? It has more old more origins than you might think. Lobsters were famous in the new world in the places like New Brunswick, Shediac and Nova Scotia, where the largest ever lobster was caught in the history of mankind. Even though Scotia is not considered the world capital of Lobster it has been a place of interest for lobster enthusiasts because of the record holding lobsters there. That lobster weighted 44.4 pounds that is heavier than some humans. Now days people don’t lobster each day and the dinning’s that serve it are often of high order. But before the 20th century lobster was for poor people. Lobster were common in port city, where the society was often middle class hard worker and not fancy rich men. Though that has changed recently…

The word itself comes from the dead language Latin. Poor people were said to be the equivalents of insects, that is why the latin called them the “Locusta” which means locust, an insect that resembles to the grasshopper. The word went around and changed a bit to the anglo-saxon form of today, lobster.

Interesting facts about Human Origin and birth of civilization

One of the most fascinating and interesting subjects that has been under scrutiny by man is his quest about the origin and the birth of civilization New discoveries from the remains of fossilized bones excavated from the earth at various places throw more light on the subject and makes it more interesting.

The latest line of thinking in regard to human origin zeroes down to two major theories:

• According to one theory, different types of humanoid developed in parallel across the different parts of the universe, and

• The second theory believes that mankind originally developed several million years ago in what we call at present as Africa, and from there man moved across to other regions in the world – especially – first to Asia, then to Australia, followed by Europe and finally the Americas.

We have arrived at some broad consensus with regard to the human origin and birth of civilization. They are:

• Over a considerable period of time, the species belonging to the Homo erectus group were replaced by the Homo sapiens, the group in which humans are categorized.

• The emergence of Homo sapiens occurred sometime between 130,000 years to 200,000 years from now – the period when the human origin took place in the universe.

• One of the earliest generations of Homo sapiens was found to have developed in Africa. Most of the early Homo sapiens lived in caves and were mostly hunter-gatherers

• These hunter-gatherers moved out of the African region in pursuit of hunting and, breaking the Sub-Saharan barrier, moved into other regions which we now categorize under Asia, Australia, and Europe. These hunter-gatherers also successfully crossed the land bridge and entered into the Americas.

• The hunter-gatherers were responsible for developing the cave societies with Neolithic mankind.

• The Neolithic mankind, in pursuit of green pastures, found the river valleys engulfing the major rivers such as the Nile, Tigris, Indus, Euphrates, and Huang Ho and created the first civilizations of human kind in these river valleys.

• The Danube River is the link for the hunter-gatherer into what we now call as Europe and from Europe these hunter-gatherers eventually crossed the Atlantic to the Americas.

Human civilization developed along these river valleys and it is these civilizations that led to major breakthroughs in how the man shaped his life in the world. It is these early civilizations that paved way for the man to understand the nature and also take control over the nature. He learnt and mastered the art of domestication of animals, found ways and means for food in the form of agriculture and also discovered the early techniques of irrigation.

Fun Facts About Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome was one of the most successful civilization on earth to ever exist. They conquered many lands, created so many things we use till this day. Changed alot of things in a lot of ways. Here are some facts about them.

-The ancient city of Rome is the same as the present one in Italy.

-Slaves in ancient Rome made up to 40% of the population.

-The forum in ancient Rome was a place where people would converse about politics and religion, it was also a focal gathering, meeting point.

-Asparagus was a favorite of the roman people, they kept it frozen in the Alps to keep it fresh.

-Ancient Rome’s Colosseum was the biggest arena of all time, it could seat more than 200,000 people.

-Gladiators in ancient Rome would fight till death and if the Emperor wasn’t impressed with the winner he would point his thumb down, which would prompt the release of hungry lions on him.

-The Greeks got their best general Pyrrhus to fight the romans, he was a master tactician, he defeated the Roman twice but his army ran out and Rome conquered all the lands.

-In Ancient Rome, Boys went to school and girls stayed at home and learned by their mother.

-The city of Rome started of as small town around 700bc.

-Spartacus was slave escapee who led an army of 90,000 men against Rome but was defeated and killed.

-Romans would make their defeated foes civilians but most didn’t like the Romans, because of their superior attitude.

Why are slaves to substance abuse called “addicts”?

The word slave comes from the Romans. When they conquered most of Slavonia, the word Slav since then has become synonymous with people who are subjugated with slavery. Slavs were given to Roman warriors as a reward for their on field performance. They were also called addicts, which is a Latin word. Someone who is a slave has not control over what he does, the same is said about addicts when they are controlled by drugs. Your often controlled against your own will, that is why your a slave of your substance. Slaves of other kind can also be called addicts. This might also have influenced the word Slav by which many eastern European nations are called by.

Many other civilizations used slavery without much thought about it. But the Romans were known to be very cruel, that is why they were conquering lands after lands, they would sell the slaves to warriors or roman civilians. The slaves where treated badly. Many knew this before getting caught so lots of defeated Roman foes choose suicide over a life long of slavery.

Why is a terrible doctor called a “quack”?

Many people will go to a check up with their doctor and come back n’ say “wow my doctor is such quack”. Because he seems incompetent, or just says nonsense. Well basically that’s where the word originated from..nonsense. It comes from the old days, when dubious medicine men traveled from town to town and sold their amazing healing aliments and ointments. The Quack comes from the Quack of a duck which is repeatedly nonsensical just like the dubious medicine man’s words.

Did you know that only the female dabbling duck is the only duck that quack’s and not any other duck of any other family? It was also always thought that a duck’s quack don’t echo but the myth has been since debunked by many sources, universities and even the famous tv show Mythbusters.

Why do the Chinese Name Years After Animals?

The Chinese have tied animal names to the calender years for a very long long time. But from where does this come from? It comes from the base of the Chinese society, Buddhism . This religion has many influences on the Chinese perspective of life and view of many other things such as love, family and many more.  The origin comes from Buddha himself, thought the story itself is a myth. Buddha had invited all the animals on earth to visit him in New Year’s Day. But only a few of the thousands existing turned up, 12 of them and what a coincidence the calender has 12 months, so Buddha rewarded them for showing up by giving them each an year. The animals who showed up were the rat, the ox, the tiger, the hare, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the sheep, the monkey, the rooster, the dog and the pig.

Did you know that the Chinese Calender is used all around Asia by many other cultures and that it was perfected already in 500BC. In most parts this calender is only used for traditional festives and such but other than that they use the Gregorian calender like many of the civilization in the west.

Why are Americans Called Yanks/Yankees ?

There must be a reason why the Americans of USA are called Yanks/Yankees. The word actually has no relation with the animal Yak, which some think has something to do with this. The word was coined by English pirates in reference to the Dutch, who were known pretty much for their diet of cheese only. Which in their language is Kaas, a christian name such as Jan tied with this would become Jan Kass, pronounced (Yan-Kas). So it could be that’s how the English called the Dutch who had settled in New York. However it could be the other theory, the one about the native Indians, they use to call the English, Yengees that’s how they pronounced the French word of English, Anglais.

Did you know that New York was formerly called New Amsterdam and it was also the capital of New Netherlands. That is why there are many historical buildings with a dutch architecture.

Why do we call someone too smart for his own good “smart aleck”?

The expression, smart aleck is often used for someone who is too smart for his own good. But where does this term come from? Does aleck have some deep roots in some other culture like almost every other word in our dictionary, actually no it comes from a name. In 1840s, when New York scam artist Aleck Hoag paid off the cops to look the other way while her wife acted like a prostitute to bring men in their home, then Aleck would come in the room and frighten the man, he would then demand money which the man would pay. Aleck was doing good business with this scam but he was tired of paying the middle man, the cops. He tried to do it without paying them and didn’t quite work out. The cops caught him and his wife, they called him smart aleck.

Some say Aleck was a pimp but the source are not rock solid to believe. Aleck would also do this with his other women, while the customer was asleep he would come and take the wallet and other belongings.