Why do women put on Beauty Marks?

The beauty marks are very attractive on some  women but who and why did someone got the idea to put fake black dots in their face? It’s first motive was certainly not about looks but something rather more serious. In the 17th century, when it’s use was at an all time high, it coincided with the smallpox epidemic. Many proofs have now been arose that it was to actually cover up the smallpox which would scare people from you. But the epidemic eventually subsided but people still used it, women used it for attracting possible suitors. The placement of the mark had different meanings, one near the mouth meant the women was ready to flirt, one on the right cheek meant she was married, one on the left cheek meant she was engaged or had a fiancee. While the mark near the right eye was the one most looked […] Continue Reading…

Bodum Tea Pot Review

The British they love their tea, so do millions of other people around the globe. Tea pots have existed for a long time but they have never been as useful and practical as nowadays. And like I said, the British love tea pots but who could make the ultimate Tea Pot to please them. They asked Bodum, who make all the great kitchen appliances in Europe and few other places. The Danish company, Bodum, they make the best tea pots.  You can just put the leaves in the middle without it getting mixed with the actual tea. Press the presser and the brewing begins. Just repress the presser to stop the brewing, but when grabbing the tea pot, be wary they aren’t always heat protected, so you might get a little burn. But the real quality of these tea […] Continue Reading…

Review Of GE Dishwasher Parts

GE as we know is the company known as General Electric, in 2009 it was ranked as the largest company in the world by Forbes, it holds around 323,000 employs. One of the founders of the company is Thomas Edison, the father of the light bulb and many other useful tools of our day.

About GE Dishwasher Parts

Many companies try to compete with GE though not many pose a massive threat to them. Like the Kenmore dishwashers are known to have parts that aren’t always very solid, reliable, making it a liability. The Whirlpool has an awful control of the system and unattractive interface. The whirlpool machines often are not stainless steel, which some people vow to only use. Some might ask themselves why are GE dishwasher parts so famed. Is it because these parts always keep the machine quiet and not annoying like some other company’s models or […] Continue Reading…

Why do we sweaty palms when we’re nervous?

This happens to lots of people, like when your about to ask a girl out or do oral presentation or the times you asked your parents for something expansive. We don’t notice it at first but then lightning strikes and we look at our sweaty palms. You could make a freakin drink with amount of sweat some people get. There is a more deep scientific reason to this than you might think. When our ancestors were in deep trouble they would start sweating from the hands/palms, generally when facing a stronger predator. They would use the moisture in their hands to climb the tree’s to take shelter from the enemy. That is why we have more sweat glands than any part in the body in the palms.

My Bosch Dishwasher, Evolution 500 Stainless Steel Honest Review

The reason for my purchasing of Bosch Dishwasher – Evolution 500 Stainless Steel is it’s sturdiness and heavy duty work it can perform. It looks very elegant from the outside my preference has been for white color, which matches with my kitchen décor. With all stainless steel I am feel assured that it shall not get rusted because of it’s exposure to stream of water, while in operation.

The Bosch Dishwasher – Evolution 500 Stainless Steel has racks made of strong nylon material, which again is going to remain rust free with a long lasting life.

Moreover the name Bosch has earned it’s name in durability and quality for the generations and the company is known for making innovations considering the consumer requirement.

I have the fancy for Bosch Dishwasher – Evolution 500 Stainless Steel, because it’s noiseless operations and one has to touch it to be sure that the dishwasher is […] Continue Reading…

How many people live on Earth?

On February 25, 2005, the population count by the United Nations Population Division estimed that by 2013, earth will hold around 7 billion people. And by 2050 it will increase by nearly 2 billion and go around 9.1 billion. Most growth will take place in the developing nations. Nearly all humans reside on Earth, of course there isn’t another planet where humans can live in harmony. But 2 people reside in a space station that orbits around the Earth. Every six month they swap peoples in the space station. Sometimes they have trained people who pay or are guests to go on this space station. Currently earth holds around 6,411,000 billion people. The development, I mentioned will take place in developing nations.

As of 2004, around 400 people have been into a space voyage and have stayed there for awhile. Most have come back enlightened, they see life with another […] Continue Reading…

What is a “Metrosexual”?

The word hasn’t been existing for a longtime actually, it was created in the last century, like in 1994 it was used for the first time by writer Mark Simpson, in his article in 2002 which concerned soccer star David Beckham. The article’s Salon which concerned Metro-sexuality in soccer. A metro sexual is a straight man but often concerned by his own looks and he often loves himself.

This what the man himself had to say about the word he created and has grown tremendously popular in pop culture.
“Metrosexual man, the single young man with a high disposable income, living or working in the city (because that’s where all the best shops are), is perhaps the most promising consumer market of the decade. In the Eighties he was only to be found inside fashion magazines such as GQ, in television advertisements for Levis jeans or in […] Continue Reading…

5 reasons why we should have stringent rules for online games


Whether it is online or offline, it is better to remember the fact that games are for fun. They are to make our life more lively and energetic. When we play a game, particularly an online game, we have to follow certain rules so that it maintains a decency and spirit of the game. Remember that you may be sitting in front of your monitor to play the game, but actually you are playing with another human being who might be sitting miles away from you. That person might be from an entirely different culture and nation and that makes it difficult to frame the etiquette rules for online games. So we need stringent rules to maintain the online game etiquette. Unless the rules are rigorous, the correctitude of human relationship will be ruined.

1. Chat room rules

Care must be taken in a chat room to avoid any violation of […] Continue Reading…

Why are Dalmatians used by Firefighters?

What characteristics you think off when you think about a firefighter saving someone’s life in a burning house? Endurance, strength, loyalty are their greatest characteristics. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs show Dalmatians running with chariots(note Egyptians invented the wheel).  In Britain, they were used to escort carriages over hundred of miles before standing guard while travelers stopped to eat or rest. They have always worked well with horses, in guiding them to somewhere, like to the fire with their great nose. It is one of the unexplained mysteries of this world, horses and Dalmatians.

Dalmatians are from Dalmatia, a region in what is now Croatia. They were made common. Dalmatian are very active dogs, they aren’t lazy so if you like do lots of running and are an atheletic person, Dalmatians might be a match made in heaven for you.

Why do we say “It’s a dog-eat dog world”?

Well the word itself comes from the Romans, in 43 BC by the Roman Scholar Marcus Tarentius Varro, he observed humanity and how the society worked. He made a remark about how even a dog will eat a dog. His point actually was that humans are less principled in the matter of destroying their own kind than any other animal. By the 16th century, the phrase became a metaphor for competition among humans in the everyday world. Specially during the industrial revolution where the work was so big.

Marcus Terentius was a humble man, he lived in the farm of his family, he supported Pompey an opposing leader against the Caesar, Pompey ended up losing and everyone on his side penalized in some way, but not Marcus. Marcus asked pardon and he was given just that.