Fun Facts About Pandas

January 7th, 2013

Is there an animal more universally loved than the panda? I think not, unfortunately it has come to fame because of its near extinction and has become a poster for animals in danger. Though not many know much about it, other than it’s from china and eats bamboo. Here is an article about some unknown facts about the pandas.

Pandas were one of the few animals in Ancient china to not be used for medicinal use. They were considered noble animals and spiritual by some.
The first pandas brought to the west occurred in late 19th century, only one was brought to US and because of the war it took a long time before the next one came.
Like most mammals, pandas can’t open their eyes after birth and also are 1/10 of their mother’s size.
Pandas have huge teeth, despite not having much in the claws department their tooth can be 7 [...] Continue Reading…

Fun Facts about Hyenas

January 5th, 2013

Many people have a negative view of the Hyena, it certainly doesn’t have a friendly face and its scavenging lifestyles don’t make it popular either. But people tend to forgot how these guys manage to not only survive but strive among other predators such as the tigers, lions and other big cats. Here are a few interesting facts about them.

The most well known Hyena is the spotted species; these tend to have little fur and circular spots all over their body.
Hyenas were domesticated in the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs for food; also in fact Muslim countries they believe Hyenas to be halal, which basically means they can eat it. Also in the ancient times of the Roman and Greek, they were consumed because they were believed to ward off evil.
Unfortunately the other way is also true, Hyenas have eaten men all throughout history, in the age of cave [...] Continue Reading…

Fun Facts about Mexico

January 5th, 2013

Mexico for a long has been an interesting nation, many view it’s coastal islands as vacation paradises and its long history has left many wondrous structures all around it’s lands. There are many who consider that to not be the real Mexico, a country which has seen blood a lot in recent years because of the drug problems. Despite its continuous strain on the nation it still has some wonderful things about it. In this article we will see both good and bad.

One of the most obvious mistake people make about Mexico is that they think it’s in Latin America or Central America but technically speaking it’s not even though it may look that way. Central America is still used in speech but the term has officially been abandoned. Everything north of Venezuela and Colombia is considered part of “North America”.
If you asked anyone what’s the country situated south [...] Continue Reading…