Weird Facts about Rock Bands

Everybody has at least one rock band they love to listen to. For each person this can be different. It’s always fun to know a weird fact about famous band and tell our friends. Here are facts that very little known about some of the world’s biggest bands ever.

The Rolling Stones’s bassist, Bill Wyman once had a public relationship with a thirteen year old girl. After she became of the legal age of consent, they got married. The marriage only lasted a year, which is not bad for a rockstar at the prime of his career. Things got weird from here. Bill’s thirteen year old son, Stephen married Mandy’s mother. Mandy was the thirteen year old Bill had initial married. That made Stephen, step father of his former step mother. Had Bill and Mandy stayed together, Stephen would have been his own grand father and his father’s father in […] Continue Reading…

Animals Who Were Celebrities

Sometimes our obsession with celebrities transcends species. We also love having famous animals. Animals who are unique or have special abilities, are often the ones that gain fame. Once that fame is gained they become worldwide celebrities since animal celebs are so rare. Here are a few stories of celebrity animals.

Tiao, the chimp

This chimpanzee led a quiet life at the Rio de Janiero zoo. His life soon became very public because he would enter a politic campaign. But before that he did gain some infamy among the population of Brazil for being the chimp that would throw his feces at visitors and howling at them furiously. A large group of people formed a political party named “The Banana Party”. The party’s leader was Tiao and he was running for mayor of Rio. At the votes he got a massive amount of support, 200 000 votes went to him. People […] Continue Reading…

Unknown Facts about Important People

It’s always surprising and delightful to learn little known facts about certain historical and worldwide recognized people. These are not always true and sometimes come from rumors that are too good to be ignored. Here a few unknown facts about famous people from around the world

One of the greatest movie directors of all time, Alfred Hitchcock had a weird habit. When he was in a public bathroom and another person would enter he would raise his legs in the stall so nobody could know he was there. The reason behind this attitude is unknown.

Michael Jackson had always been a controversial figure even since his Jackson 5 days. This fact has nothing to do with his personal life but his opinion on other musicians and entertainers. He said about Frank Sinatra that he is a legend but not a good singer, this definitely got Mister Jackson some flack from the […] Continue Reading…

Cool Fact About The Human Body

Humans aren’t the fastest or the strongest, but they do have the largest mental capabilities than any other species. The human body does a lot of interesting things that most people take for granted. Here are some cool facts about the human body.

Unforgettable Smell
The human nose isn’t the most impressive range wise, we are beaten by most animals that require smell for hunting. A dog’s sense of smell is a million times more sensitive than a human’s but humans are capable of remembering more smells. An average nose can differentiate around 50 000 smells.

Bones of Steel
Yes the bones in our body are stronger than steel but as they are much less dense, they are easier to break. So please don’t go around trying to test your bone against any hard object, the result will be most definitively painful.

Cry Baby
This isn’t something most people would be proud of but humans […] Continue Reading…

Massive Corporate Blunders!

Corporate mistakes are always fun. When a big marketing push goes wrong because of a pun or something similarly as banal it often leads to hilarity. These mistakes can cost millions of dollars but at least they provide some good laughter. Here are some hilarious corporate blunders.

Drugs Message

A school products company in New York(in 1998) decided to have an anti drug message in their pencils. Well the idea was neat and the product made it to stores just fine. When kids actually started using them in schools, an issue they hadn’t prepared for occurred. When these fine pencils were sharpened the message would be cut. The original anti drug message on the pencil said the following “Too Cool To Do Drugs”, after sharpening it, it would be shortened to “Cool To Do Drugs” and after some more sharpening “Do Drugs”. Yes this anti drug effort failed miserably […] Continue Reading…

Common Superstitions!

Superstitions are something we all have been subject to since our childhood. Some of us even believe in these silly things because of certain experiences we’ve had. Superstitions are hard to believe on the surface since one event leads to another without anyway natural cause but it happens often enough that we believe they are is correlation. Although there is no statistic proving to prove superstitions are real, culture and folklore state otherwise. Superstitions despite not being all real have interesting origins and meanings, here a few common superstitions.

Knock on Wood!
Knocking on wood is a very popular one we hear almost daily. People knock on wood to avoid something bad from happening, there are many other examples but that is the one people use generally.
It is thought that this superstition started in the church, by religion like many other superstitious beliefs. Fathers of the church would knock […] Continue Reading…

2 Rare Fruits You Must Eat

Since summer is coming(in some parts of the world), I decided to write a short article on some fruits you might want to try out. Specifically fruits that are exotic and are typically not seen in the common food market. They might be hard to find but are definitely worth the effort.


Rambutan’s are perhaps not the most exotic fruit, most people have had them at least once but don’t know the name. It’s the size of a small peach, bright red and with strains of the plant sticking out like a messy hair. Rambutan’s are normally sold in packets of a dozen or less. The inside of the fruit is a jelly sort of white edible which is the main fruit. Inside of that a seed is located. The taste most often is sweet and sometimes bitter depending on the cultivation location(Philippines, Indonesia and Nicaragua). Being somewhat […] Continue Reading…

Ebooks vs Physical Books

Although physical books are a great addition for any living room, there is an greater alternative available these days. Ebooks are a new method for literature distribution. They are especially useful for young new writers who can’t get a book on the shelves. Here are a few cons and pros of ebooks and physical books.

The Differences between Ebook and Physical Books

A real physical book is always a nice addition to anyone’s living room or library. A good library can inform people of your personality and intelligence just by looking at it. Also reading a physical book has a feeling that can’t be achieved with ebooks or even kindle. It’s hard to say what that feeling might be for different people and different books. Sometimes it’s the paper or the bulk of the book. Safe to say a great looking book is great to have as display. As good as […] Continue Reading…

Is Cloud Storage Safe?

Most computers nowadays have huge harddrives and with that comes room for huge library of files. Though harddrives are powerful and cheap they aren’t as practical for someone who uses multiple computers. Unless you’re using an external hard drive, you can’t bring all your important files along with you. This is important when you’re traveling or as previously mentioned have more than one pc. Thanks to the advent of cloud storage you can just upload your files on the net. This is not only fast but extremely safe. Safe because when your files are being sent to the cloud service, the data is being encrypted. Unfortunately due to most of these sites being accessed through a password, they can still be hacked. A strong password will certainly help against hackers who might try to decrpyt it. Thankfully most hackings that happen are due to a person finding out the […] Continue Reading…

4 Hilarious Lawsuits

Lawsuits have become a common thing in modern western society, it has gone to the point of absurdity as some cases have shown. The famous example of the robber in the night falling off your stairs suing you because of his critical condition. That is a legit case and there are many like it as stupid.

God Among Us

Chris Roller is not only a man but a mighty wizard as witnessed by the CIA according to him(How does that work?). Christopher Roller claims to have sex with the stars and be immortal(or at least the ability to beat that). In 2007 he tried to apply a patent for “Godly Powers”, which would make it illegal to do godly things on earth(whatever that means) without compensating Christopher financially. Why would he try to do that? Because he thinks he’s some kind of god on earth. He went as far as suing […] Continue Reading…