Best DJ software

February 4th, 2013

One of the most popular music styles in the last decade is the electronic and techno genre. A lot of the famous dj’s and producers got started by playing in their basements on their computers or electronic keyboards with very little professional equipment. Learning has truly become easy through the internet and computer. Applications and tutorials exist for nearly everything. Sometimes it becomes hard to know which application to choose from a sea of possibilities


It is one of the most recognized DJ software around the world. Like many programs of the last few years, VirtualDJ has strived for more intuitive interfaces; one of the main areas where that shows is the drag & drop utility. With that you can easily add different tracks, mix them in a variety of ways and have yourself a remix. Within the software you can use a feature to emulate the scratching board of [...] Continue Reading…

Top Video Editing Software

January 29th, 2013

Windows Live Movie Maker

This is the latest update of the simple humble video editor by Windows. Its simplicity is a pro but also a hindrance. If you want to do some really in depth editing this is not the software for that. If you want to do some quick easy cropping, converting and adding a few effects, this will do the job. This is also great for youth because of it’s easy to understand interface and fun functions. The interface is really simple but it achieves what you want to it do while you create layers and playlists, a lot of other programs could learn something from it. If you want to do some casual editing this is the editor for you but if you want to get more serious there are many other programs for that. The best thing about it other than it being simple is that [...] Continue Reading…

Best Video Capture Software

January 28th, 2013

Capturing what’s going on your screen can be important; some people make helpful videos for others or just to have fun. Either way what you want is software that is capable of capturing your work while not interfering within it or slowing it down.

Camtasia Studio

One of the best video capture software out there, its performance and reliability are unbelievable. The software at first glance looks complex but it is very easy to get into, it also comes in with an in depth tutorial for beginners and even with some tricks for more advanced users. Camtasia has one of the best audio recording systems and most recordings without any tweaking will run at a solid 30fps. One another thing it does is rendering, not only video capture have  this feature, many users will have to use another program such as Sony Vegas to deal with the rendering to reduce the [...] Continue Reading…