How did the word moron come to mean “stupid”?

Browsing through my book I found another puzzling question and something I am sure most of you would love to know as it is something we all ponder about. How did the word moron come to mean stupid?

Well here is the answer to this pondering question —

We have all been called a moron at one time or another and understood it to mean we’ve done something foolish. The reason is that in 1910 De. Henry H. Goddard (1866-1957) proposed the word to the American Association for the Study of the Feebleminded to describe an adult with a mental capacity (IQ below 75) of a normal child between eight and twelve years of age. A moron was, in fact, the highest proposed rating of a mentally challenged person. The two lowest ratings suggested were imbecile and idiot. These categories have been dropped by the scientific community and are no longer […] Continue Reading…

Most common words in the English language

I stumbled upon this fun stuff yesterday and I thought I should share it with you guys.
Do you guys know what are the most common words in the English language?
Well, the most common word used in written English is the, followed in order of use by of, and, to, a, in, that, is, I, it, for, and as. The most common spoken English word is I. The most common word in the King James Bible is the.
I got this little gem question from one of my books, I will share more of these stuff..

The Three Basic Steps of Understanding Anxiety Self-Help

Self-help tools can be used to control anxiety disorders. As an individual dealing with an anxiety disorder, the very first remedial step is self-help. It is very important that you understand that anxiety isn’t a mental illness, anxiety is merely a natural response to some stimuli that is alarming. However, once the body begins responding within a manner that is disproportionate, the anxiety assumes all of the dimensions of some type of behavioral disorder.

Overt alertness and unnecessary anticipation can disturb an individual’s normal life. The three basic steps to understanding anxiety self help are:

1.    First, there must be a self-realization of the present situation and there must be an early diagnosis in order to rectify this disorder. There are anxiety self-help quizzes on the internet that you can use to diagnose the disorder on your own. You may also determine a course of treatment that is in tune with […] Continue Reading…

10 Exciting Steps That Will Catapult Your Own Career Right Up the Corporate Ladder

Each and every individual success story is unique. Even though there isn’t any magic answer for pursuing your career all the way to the top, you may find completing these ten steps will give you a head-start on sending your career on up the corporate ladder. I know that you may think, “I have heard this all before” but I thought the same thing until I read these tips.
1) Take the time to reassess your career. Check to make sure that you career path is aligned well with all of your interests and priorities. Consider whether or not you possess or can acquire the education and experience to be successful. If not, you should consider making a lateral move and then work your way on up from there.
2) Define all of your career goals clearly. The only way that you are going to be able to map out your […] Continue Reading…

It’s All About Home Improvement: The 10 Most Common Home Improvement Mistakes and How You Can Avoid All Of Them

Even though a major improvement to your home can really turn out to be a very rewarding project, if you aren’t prepared, it has the potential to turn your life completely upside down. I have heard a lot of the worst case scenarios that involve people that have lost all of their homes because the simply got into the home improvement so deep until they were in way over their heads andsome of the others that ended up with an incomplete project nightmare which ended up costing them a bunch of money in order to correct it.

Below, you will find a list of the 10 most common mistakes that homeowners make when they are undertaking projects based on home improvement as well as tips on how you can avoid them altogether.

1. References –  When it comes to home improvement, you are going to have to do background checking and research […] Continue Reading…