Over The Toilet Storage

Creative Use of over the Toilet Storage adds Breathing Room in Small Baths

Tight fits can be a big problem in bathrooms. One great way to make a small space seem a bit bigger is to use over the toilet storage for those important items that need to be stored in the bathroom. Today there are plenty of clever and creative options for storage over the toilet in bathrooms.

Of course the benefit of storage above the toilet is not limited to small bathrooms. Even larger baths can be short on storage space and using the area above the toilet will not take up any valuable “floor space” in order to provide it.

Types of over the Toilet Storage

There are several different storage devices that can be used in the valuable real estate above the bathroom toilet. Consider these different styles for storing your bathroom essentials.

  • Shelving Units – these no frills shelving units provide storage and/or display for bathroom items without leaving a huge footprint behind. They take up very little additional floor space and provide a “clutter free” appearance that doesn’t make the bathroom look overcrowded.
  • Cabinet Units – these units are usually more visually appealing and offer the opportunity to hide some items or at least not leave them as exposed as typical shelving units allow. Hint: When using these units in a small space is to use light colors or have the cabinet units painted the same color as the walls in order to provide a visual illusion of more space in the room.

Benefits of over the Toilet Storage

Whether the bathroom is large or small there are plenty of benefits for having over the toilet storage. Store extra towels, soap, toothpaste, and other products within easy reach because this type of storage is so easily accessible. The limits do not end here though. It is also common to store linens, paper products, and countless other bath creams, potions, and lotions.

The greatest benefit though is that proper storage over the toilet provides ample opportunity to get these things out of sight and off the floor because it isn’t necessary to buy floor cabinets and shelving units where they may be stored. More floor space in most small bathrooms of today is rarely a bad thing.

Bathroom Storage Strategies

Depending on whether or not the bathroom is a main bathroom that guest frequently use, a guest bathroom, or one that is dedicated  solely for the use of children there are different things you can do to make even the plainest storage over the toilet a little more visually appealing.

One common strategy is to use baskets. Baskets can be used to store items that need to remain out of sight but within easy reach in a bathroom. In kids’ bathrooms it is even possible to have one basket per child so that each kid has his or her own space for special bath items.

Another strategy is to use the shelves for flat storage of linens, towels, and bathrobes, and cabinet storage of some sort for additional storage of personal bathroom items.

Whichever strategy you follow the clever use of the real estate above your toilets is a great way to make bathroom storage practical and aesthetically pleasing.