Odd Jobs

Bored of your ordinary job in the office, try some of these wild and unique jobs. Don’t about the salary but for sure more fun.

Killer Bee Hunters: Your job is to find African Killer Bee’s coming into North America and kill them before they start taking refuge here.

Chicken Shooter: Fire dead chickens from a aircraft’s cannon to see the damage dealt.

Weed Farmer: Grow weed for herbicidal research and chemical companies.

Flush Tester: Your job is to put stuff that don’t go into a toilet and try flushing them. Like carpets, other housewares.

Armpit Sniffer: Where this is employed I do not know, but need I say more?

Sewage Diver: Is scuba diving to dangerous with the threat of wild animals? Try Sewage Diving. Put on a diving suit and dive into a sewage containment vat.