Nursing Home-the Big Decision

Recently we (my brother and I) had to make the very difficult decision to put our mother into a nursing home. She had been living with me before that, but had to first go into the hospital, as she had blood clots in her lungs, so was having difficulty breathing properly. While she was there, I put in the application for a transfer to a nursing home, having first looked into the ones which were available in our area.

We went and toured some facilities, then upon seeing how they were run, and talking to some of the staff, we made our decision. Three places were picked, with the one that we wanted , which was closest to our house, on the first of the list. The people in charge of admissions said that we might not have a choice, when it came to her placement, and they were right.

Within a matter of a couple of weeks, we were called and there was a location which had a bed ready for our mother. The only problem was that it was located half an hour away from our home. We were informed that if we didn’t take that one, we would be cancelled from the list and would have to re-apply. We went and toured that one (as it was not on our list). It wasn’t the fanciest place , but when we talked to the people working there, we could tell that it was more than just a job to them.

After much deliberation on our parts, we decided to go ahead and accept the place. Our mother was not the happiest person on earth with this, as she was willing to just wait for her first choice, but she needed more care than we could give her. We took her, got her settled, stayed and had lunch with her, to see how that would go. It was not the best situation, as the other people around her were not in the best of shape, so upon talking with the person in charge, they very willingly had her moved to a table where she could talk with others. That impressed us.

As time went on, and spending two days a week visiting her, it was even more evident that this facility was one of the better ones. It proves to me that you can’t tell a book by its cover. Whatever we suggested as a change to better moms stay, they complied and we were very impressed. We know there have been some horror stories when it comes to nursing homes, but our experience with this place, has totally erased any doubt. In any event after you read thisI think you will agree that perhaps being in a nursing home is not so bad after all!

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