Nano things you’ve always wanted to know about Gadgets


Let us admit it once and for all.  Now matter how we deeply antagonize ourselves from the idea of our lives being too complicated is inevitable.  We live in a world that is highly dependent on the growth and development of technology.  Gone were the days of being wedged in the old fashioned way of living.  Everyday changes must be undertaken and developed in order to make our lives better.

It cannot be denied that since the human being started to embrace the value of life and the importance of living one as early as the stone ages, a certain urge to necessitate comfort of well being and how to cope up with life became an instant companion.  These notions became the very foundations of the great human challenge to improve and make lives on earth less hard.  We then should be thankful for our experts and innovative minds in having to deliver and quench that thirst of ours for satisfaction.

Although we know that this particular quest for perfection and comfort does not cease, it is obvious that all these are advantageous to us and need no further advocacies to hinder or put them to a halt.  Inventions upon inventions are fast becoming more of a necessity rather a form of luxury with the way it is moving nowadays.  To be more specific into our pathway of discussion, why don’t we look at the inescapable notion and reality of gadgets.

Meaning and short history – As part of our better understanding of our topic at hand, it would be a start to know its meaning.  Gadgets are basically small tools that are usually invented or made as a result of technological research and studies to be utilized on a particular function.

The background of these cool gadgets dates back as early as 1800s and its linguistic sense is still being debated upon as we speak.  The whereabouts or the information as to where the word “gadget” came from still varies as certain accounts have claimed that it either originated from a construction company who made the Statue of Liberty, or that came from our French experts and innovators stating that “Gadget” is basically a word that would simply mean to a small tool.

Nature and types – Depending upon its usefulness and availability to be “at hand” with its nature, gadgets can be characterized through many types.  Those gadgets that we often used right now on our computers are regarded as Application gadgets.  Examples of these gadgets are those add-ons that we typically attach to our web browsers.  At times, these types of gadgets would be so important in order for us to run a certain program or application.  We could never enjoy or fully utilize a specific program without these types of application gadgets.  A classic example of an application gadget is the Java Script.

There are also gadgets that are electronic in characteristic.  As its name further suggests, these types of gadgets are basically operated by electricity or do rely on its electric and integrated circuits in functioning.  Our old but reliable transistor radio is an example of these types.

Further, there is also the mechanical type of gadgets.  Some experts say that these types of gadgets emphasizes on the inventor’s or creator’s idea of innovation.  The most remarkable innovative inventions are mechanical in nature.  Such of these gadgets would include the bicycle, for example.

Aside from these types of gadgets, the more modern ones are considered as the programmable gadgets.  These types, as its name also says, are those that can be programmed thru computers to at least vary the amount or quantify its capabilities and functions depending on the preference of the user.

These technology gadgets and latest electronic gadgets that ranges from all types mentioned above, adhere to various calls of human society in terms of living and how the way life must be lived.  These challenges and call for human ingenuity has responded and resulted to limitless ideas and inventions that we witness right now.

Reason is, we are always at the lookout for something new and innovative from manufacturers of these products.  But the way I look at it, it would only equate to saying that the more complex and complicated our lives become, the more complex these gadgets are becoming.

Let’s take the case of cellular phones as an example.  It is true that communication is very vital to us nowadays and having a gadget such as the cellular phone is a must.  But look at what our innovators have done recently is really quite confusing.  They made a typical cellular phone to work more than what it is expected to do.  They had a camera, a mini computer, an MP3 player and all other stuffs that the latest gadgetry has to offer.  These technological moves obviously benefit the consumers as well as their profits as manufacturers but the main reason or purpose of having or owning a cellular phone seems to complicate our lives instead of making it easy.

To date, there are millions of gadget shops all over.  They are either reachable through nearby places or a mere click on our online computers will definitely do the job for us.  Having a life that is simple and uncomplicated does not mean that we should not patronize these gadgets (which are mostly computer-generated and electronic in nature) as these helpful tools can, if not, make our lives a little easier.  Another reason is we cannot escape the reality that this age is the age of gadgets may it be an electronic or an unusual.  The important thing here that should be taken into consideration is that these gadgets are one of the many solutions to our over complicated burdens of life and it is also a necessity that these cool gadgets should be used fully to its intended purpose and not for any other means that not acceptable nor harmful to human beings.

The idea of being too overwhelmed with ones success in comforting another one’s life cannot be detached as regards to the gadget manufacturers as most of them are only concerned on how their gadgets will do in terms of sale.  Being new, latest or hot does not imply a gadget is that useful.  Sometimes or maybe most of the time, that good ‘ole gadget of ours is considered the best in terms of its being useful.  The main reason why people love keeping them and never bothered on tapping what’s the latest or the hippest is the amount of usefulness (considering other factors such as the price, the idea of being user-friendly, durability and sometimes its simple and handy features) and suitability of the gadget to the user’s personality.

These ideas of using and producing gadgets of all sorts and types are here to stay and cannot be easily erased. As long as the modern man wants, needs and necessitates the notion of manufacturing and coming up of a more convenient, innovative and healthy ways through these gadgets will continue and last for a lifetime.

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  1. What do you mean by “nano”? Is it nine? I heard about new technology called nano technology. But add ons cannot be produced by using nano technology.

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