Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

Big Jumbo dived and crashed into the sea. Clouds come from nowhere to make compasses spin and engine RPM to drop. Luminous phenomena and objects flash the sky. Electronic equipments like navigation equipment, radios, and cell phones cease to operate. There are areas of Dead spots, loss of horizon, bending of space. These are the narrations of encounters with the Bermuda triangle in the eyes of accomplished ship masters, pilots, survivors and eyewitnesses. Source:

Bermuda Triangle is known as devils triangle for the mysteries surrounding it. It is one of the greatest known modern mysteries of the world yet to be unraveled. It is an area with no distinct geographical boundary, shape or representation in a map. Many scientists have highlighted that the exact shape may not be triangle at all. Various boundary markings exist but the imaginary representation in the book mark the area with Bermuda in North East edge of the Triangle, Miami is South West, and San Juan is South East as Bermuda Triangle. Numerous ships and aircrafts have disappeared in this region without a trace. Innumerable agencies support the disappearance to the mystery of Bermuda triangle and many others refute it as a common ocean phenomena happening in the oceans elsewhere in the world.

Aircrafts in the Bermuda Triangle have lost direction and faced unexplained turbulences and jolts in the area causing injuries to the passengers. This has forced the aircrafts to divert their direction and land in Bermuda, Miami, and Florida. The causes of the disturbances are still unknown. In science, unknown is not super natural. Many unknown phenomena in the past had been the foundation to greatest inventions of the century. When the aircrafts crashed when they flew around a mountain in almost perfect weather, scientists discovered the wind shear surrounding the mountains as the reason for the crash. In science, unavailable sources of cross reference to prove the cause cannot be interpreted as super natural phenomenon.

Investigation of the Bermuda triangle points out to few things unnatural to the way things happen. Aircrafts disappear without a MAYDAY signal. Generally planes caught in the storms show a radar activity of a sweep with two returns and third nothing signifying the mid air breakup of the aircraft. In the instance here, the first sweep locates the aircraft and the next sweep sees no signs of the aircraft. Evidences and analysis of the evidences can only prove the real activity behind the Bermuda triangle mystery.

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  1. How can we verify the reported facts.There are so many reports about strange happenings around the world. Can we trust reports about Bermuda triangle?

  2. I want to hear the stories of the people that survived and what they saw. I can find the truth by just hearing their testimonies.

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