Most Stupid Crimes Ever

Sometimes when we get a criminal so outrageously stupid, he is not a danger to others but to himself. They’re stupidity is so strong that the police don’t even have to do anything to stop them, it’s as if they walk into the police station by themselves. Here are a few tales of incredible human stupidity.

This story comes from the book of The Fortean Times book Of Inept Crime, a man named James Boulder was caught after robbing a store in New Jersey, caught not by the police but the fire hydrant outside the store. As he was fleeing the store he’s pants fell to the ground and made him trip into the fire hydrant, knocking him out cold. The cops had an easy day to say the least.

Not every man has the full conviction to go through with his crime, for this man you might say that he no conviction at all. As found in the book A Treasury of Police Humour, an unidentified man in Ypsilanti, Michigan attempted to rob a burger king when the clerk said he couldn’t open the register unless the man ordered something. The man ordered onion rings but clerk told him they didn’t offer any onion rings in the morning. The robber got frustrated and left.

Kidnappings have always been one of the harder crimes to pull off but for this pair of crooks couldn’t even make it through without falling asleep. Two kidnappers took a couple hostages in their hotel room. While waiting out on their plan, the two crooks fell asleep in the hotel and leaving the victims enough time to run away.

Criminals are often indignant but this one goes to the extremes. As the police were looking at the line up of criminals at the office, the officers asked each suspect to say “Give me your money or I’ll shoot,” and then one of the man shouted “That’s not what I said”.

Those were a few honest to good crimes.