Most Anticipated Games of 2013

Each year we get some games that are just amazing, that everyone appreciates and can enjoy. Although not many games of the end of year are known at this point, the list of games coming out from March till September is impressive. Here are a few of them.

Bioshock Infinite

This is the return Bioshock but not in the same Bioshock we know. The location is changed from the previous games; Rapture is now in the past, ahead stands or floats the city of Columbia. Although Rapture is much loved, it was getting a bit tiresome the second time. Doubtless the feel will be completely different from a city underwater to one that’s floating. It’s been 6 years since the last Bioshock by Irrational, the developers, this game took 6 years to make so we can be sure to have lots of imagination and themes behind it. The gameplay looks to be the same, which is a first person hybrid of shooting and use of powers. Another thing that makes it a lot different from the original game is that you have a constant companion in this new game. How much you have control over her is unknown but she plays a big part in the story. All in all this is a very promising game with an entire game makeover but the same solid gameplay mechanics.

Dark Souls II

If you played games for the last few years you probably heard of this one. Dark Souls was the spiritual successor to Demon Souls which became a cult favorite instantly, this game by the Japanese developer From Software, was what fans this generation were asking for constantly. A different type of game, a game that requires thinking, patience and technique to it. Dark Souls didn’t hold your hand and then guide you to the objectives or constantly put videos in your face instead of real gameplay. It made you want to learn the secrets of an intriguing world with great gameplay. Although the experience can be frustrating it ends with reward and a feeling like none other. The second Dark Souls will be coming out sometime this year or maybe the next, this hasn’t officially been cleared up yet. The information is also short on this one, the game director has changed and with this some changes to the story telling have been brought. Other than there is not much none but the excitement is high.

Grand Theft Auto V

This is the biggest release of this year bar none, every time a GTA game releases it’s a cultural phenomena. These games are loved by all because of a simple reason. It does what games are supposed to do on a core level perfectly. They are simple and fun to play. Well if that is not enough for you, there is a massive storyline and side quest options. The huge world to explore, all the cars and side activities to be had. Then there is the online which was amazingly fun in GTA IV and can only improve in this sequel.

Those are a few games that are going to rock our world in 2013.