More People With Luck

Here are a few more people, who clearly found a four leaf clover somewhere and have tremendous luck.

Luck’s Kiss

“Michael O’Connor was brought to court in 1907 because he had breached peace by kissing a client who had entered his shop, Miss Hazel Moore. He then served some community time, when asked about the crime, he said he was in high spirits in that lovely spring. When Miss Hazel passed away she left all her fortune to a stranger. Who was Michael. She left 20,000 pounds ( at the time was a huge amount) for him, in memory of her only kiss.”

Lottery Champ’s

– Randy Halvorson was one of the 14 employees of a factory to buy a lottery ticket..They all had decided to share the prize had they win and they did. So Randy got 3.4$million that summer of 1988. He then retired in Iowa and won another lottery with his brother, which was a sum of 7.2$ million.

-Joseph Crowley won 3$ million in the Ohio lottery in 1987. Six years later, he retired to his new estate, in Florida. He bought a lottery for fun and went on to win 20$million.

The chances of winning a lottery in your entire life, once, is just 1/1000000. For the people who have done it twice and even thrice*. It must an incredible feeling.