More Facts about Recycling

Looks like now days people recycle just for the hell of it, or to look trendy whatnot.. But here are some wise facts about recycling that may help you save the planet.

-Aluminum cans can be recycled in 60 days then be in the grocery again.

-There is no limit of times you can recycle Aluminum.

-Aluminum Beverage cans are the most recycled item in America.

-Aluminum cans thrown away outside can take up to 500 years to decompose.

-Once upon a time, Aluminum was more valuable then gold.

-We use over 80,000,000 aluminum soda cans a year.

-To produce each Sunday’s newspapers 500,000 tree’s have to be cut down.

-If all our newspaper was recycled we could save 250,000,000 tree’s each year.

-Americans use 2,500,000 water bottles each hour and most of them are thrown away.

-Plastice bags, water bottles thrown into the ocean kill 1,000,000 sea creatures each year.

-A modern glass bottle would take 4000 years to decompose even longer if it is in a landfill or other such places.

-Every year we throw so many glass bottles, that it could fit all into a giant skyscraper but the worst part is that they are recyclable.

-Each american throws 1,200 pounds of organic garbage (food etc..) that can be naturally decomposed.

-Rainforests are being cut down by the rate of 100 acres per minute.

Those are just a few but there are far more shocking ones…

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