Money’s Name

Many people don’t know how the term of their money originated. Like why is the english currency pound called pound? I’m just going to tell you how some of this currencies got their names.


The pound, it’s named for its weight in Sterlings, the unit of money inĀ  old England. The first pound coin to be created was in 1642.


Lira, replaced with euro now. It once was the currency in Italy. It too had it’s origins from weight units. It originated from the word Libra which in old latin meant pound.


Rupee, the Indian currency. It has deep roots from the traditional Indian language Sanskrit, the word rupa. Which meant shape and beauty.


Peso, which means weight was introduced in Spain first, then in it’s colonies. Such as Mexico, Argentina and many other Latin American countries.


Franc, introduced in 1360, as a gold coin. It got is name from the Latin inscription on one of it’s faces. Francorum Rex, which stands for “King of the Franks”, the prefix that was given the king of France in the 14th century. It was also used in many other countries that were influenced or ruled by France.


Yen, the currency in Japan, it was borrowed from a word of their neighbors China. The Chinese currency “yuan” , which designates something round. The first yen was put in circulation in 1870.