Mister or Mistress ?

Before the current modern, well educated society, people didn’t believe men and women were capable of the equal. But some women went far to realize their dreams and these are the tales of those brave ladies.

Dr. James Barry

A British army surgeon and pioneer of many medical breakthroughs.. Barry wanted to go a reputed medical university which was a man only university at the time. The university of Edinburgh in 1808, Barry quickly managed to become the most famous students and then one of the best doctors in England. The medic wasn’t a soft spoken person he often picked fights with his colleagues and flirted with the ladies…alot. All the hates he got from his colleagues put him in early retirement.

In 1865, Barry died at the age of 73, that also seemed strange cause men would always die younger except for a few. Something everyone, who worked with him in the army realized, was that they never saw him naked and later from his body they discovered he was a women. How can some keep¬† such a big secret till their death, they can’t? Many people believed that her bosses knew she was women. So discrimination wasn’t really that bad back then or was it?

Charlie Parkhurst

He was known as one of the toughest stagecoaches drivers of the old west.¬† Parkhurst worked in a stage company in California. He was 5″7, strong upper body, gambled and liked to chew tobacco. Parkhurst always told everyone that he was an orphan. His friends noticed a few things about him, he never had facial hair, they thought he had a fetish against facial hair, he never went to the prostitutes with his friends and never slept in the same bad as his men friend. Other then those weird things about him, he was an ordinary guy.

In late 1860, Parkhurst was forced out of his job because of an illness. In December 31, 1879, he died in his home in the woods in Watsonville,California. A doctor who checked his body, noticed that it was a female. She had died of cancer and was once pregnant. One secret she did keep was, her identity. Till this day nobody know who that woman was.

Billy Tipton

A popular jazz musician from Washington from the 1930s and 1980s. He got married more then once, and the last one was the longest with Kitty Oakes. He had 3 children, all adopted. He said he couldn’t have normal sex because of some kind of injury. Even many of his fans suspected him because of his high pitch feminine voice.

In 1989, Tipton died out of a bleeding ulcer. He was 74 when it happened and the paramedics who attended his body discovered that he was a women, Katty apparently already knew that. His children were surprised, nobody had told them until the funeral that their dad was a woman. But they still remembered her as their dad.