Mind Boggling – Collection Of Optical Illusion Part 1

1. There are 9 people in this Optical illusion, see if you can find them, please leave your answer in the comment section. Make sure you click on the image to view it in better resolution so you can experience the optical illusion.

2. Find the baby – This might be easy one, but see if you can find the baby in this picture. I liked this one.
There are 11 human faces, can you find them all?
3 Cute birds or a beautiful face?
Masterpiece of Dali, what do you see? Can you see the best of art in action?

23 thoughts on “Mind Boggling – Collection Of Optical Illusion Part 1”

  1. Nice this is what i am talking about , i really saw them really fast though , i will really like part 2 hopefully .

  2. *******************

    I liked the birds, I have seen the works of Dali, true masterpiece as mentioned.

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