Microsoft Office or Open Office?

If you work in an environment where computer work is involved then you surely use of these applications. And even if you don’t these are universally known applications at this point, at least one of them is. But which one is better, is it just a case of comfort? Or is one program technically just better than the other for what it sets out to do.

Like the title says Microsoft Office or Open Office? Those are the two main programs used in most offices for works such as spread sheeting, creating data bases and word processing. First we’ll look at their interfaces, Microsoft Office like all its iterations get’s the look of the new windows OS. If you are running Windows 7 you will be very familiar with the interface of the new office. It has the same start icon for each of its different applications. For those who don’t know, MS Office is not itself a program but a hub for the entire sub Microsoft apps such as Excel, Word and others. The interface for open office isn’t slick looking or with a high design style but its simple and functional which is the most important. Although if you are one for style, you can change the look of Open Office, as you might have guessed Open Office is pretty open to modifications and customization unlike the mostly closed Microsoft Office. Getting to learn the features for Open Office are way easier, since they all have the bare-bones interface which point out the actions you want to do. In Microsoft office software’s, a lot of the features are hidden behind tabs and bars, unless you go looking around a bit you won’t find them. Talking about features, Open Office has everything except the email client, Microsoft has Exchange but it isn’t the best email client out there but at least when you buy Microsoft Office you get it. Other than that they offer the same software’s, one for word processing, spread sheets, presentations, math and a few others. Office has even more software types but those are really niche for specific stuff. Those are a few differences between the two programs, hopefully you can make a better choice with this article.