Massive Corporate Blunders!

Corporate mistakes are always fun. When a big marketing push goes wrong because of a pun or something similarly as banal it often leads to hilarity. These mistakes can cost millions of dollars but at least they provide some good laughter. Here are some hilarious corporate blunders.

Drugs Message

A school products company in New York(in 1998) decided to have an anti drug message in their pencils. Well the idea was neat and the product made it to stores just fine. When kids actually started using them in schools, an issue they hadn’t prepared for occurred. When these fine pencils were sharpened the message would be cut. The original anti drug message on the pencil said the following “Too Cool To Do Drugs”, after sharpening it, it would be shortened to “Cool To Do Drugs” and after some more sharpening “Do Drugs”. Yes this anti drug effort failed miserably but at least it was funny how much they didn’t think it through. The company had to take the product of the shelves soon after.

Pepsi’s failures

Pepsi has been synonymous with soda but there have been some experiments by the company that led to huge disasters, some that could have even wiped them out completely. There was the Pepsi crystal in 1993, which was such a failure that most stores didn’t want to stock it for free. In the early 2000s they tried another massive experiment with the Pepsi Blue. Unlike the Pepsi Crystal this one was marketed globally with such intensity, that even though it wasn’t out everyone had heard of it. That’s the only thing the Pepsi Blue was a success in, nobody bought it or drank it. Pepsi had many other experiments in their other brands but these were the most notable big failures of their main brand Pepsi. Since then they have been very reluctant with completely new flavors while their competitor Coke exceed at it.