Mammals: The Biggest, Smallest, Fastest

We are mammals and we think we are the best, we are the best in some but in other areas these mammals are better then us.

1. The Biggest

Many people say vegans can’t maintain good body fat but they should say that to the face of a Blue Whale, who’s diet is based only planktons. Weighting 150 tons the Blue Whale is the largest Mammal and also the largest known animal. The biggest land animal is the African Elephant, only weighting 15 tons compared to the Blue Whale.

2. The Smallest

The smallest mammal come from Asia and are on land. They are natives of Thailand, they measure 1.14 inches, some people disregard them and think of them as snails or insects. But no these little creatures, the pygmy shrew, produces milk, has hair like any other mammal.

3. The Fastest

This might be an easy one to guess, but not really. The fastest depends on the terrain. The fastest land animal and mammal, the Cheetah surpasses any other creatures on the face of the planet. It sprint up to 70miles per hour. But the big brown bat is still pretty fast in the air with about 15.5 miles per hour. The fastest animal in the water is the Orca or the Killer Whale is it often called.