Love As If You Would One Day Hate, And Hate As If You Would One Day Love

I believe most are clueless to the reality of love. Love is not a picture of happiness, most try to capture. Love has its parallels. To love someone is a blessing in hand and a challenge in another. Sometimes it is hard to love. And sometimes we are desperate to love. To take on the challenge of love is not about getting someone to love us. It is about whether we can continue to love through all that is good as well that is bad, in order to unveil a love so great.

There is a false notion that love is only the good things. Everything good is right, and everything right is good? This is not so the case. In real love there is no judgment over the good or bad. When you make a choice to commit and love someone, it entails all the good and all the bad. Despite the difficulties of this and the conclusion we sometimes come to. We must realize it is not about giving away our love to someone who may seem undeserving. The strength and dignity you acquire when you can overlook your own judgment and love someone through their pain will bring you more fulfillment than you can imagine. The true parallel in love is not the good side and bad side. It is the love of self and the love of another. By loving someone else we learn to love ourselves.

We are drawn to find this love in our companions. It is undeniable the love we have for our children. And what we will do for them. Then why are we finding ourselves unhappy and unsatisfied? The challenge to love will bring you to your knees. You will reach a point where you find what you hate in someone, when in actuality it is what you hate in yourself. And of course you will retreat in denial. Not many get past this point. It is very difficult to balance the parallels of love. Although, it seems so hard to face this inner hatred, we continue to move towards it in hopes to find love.

The challenge is the love itself, not the person you chose to give it to. Through this person you will face the things you really hate in yourself and in this world. Face these things with your hatred and conquer them as you hate them. It takes a great understanding and courage withstanding.

When we choose only to protect ourselves we can only live on one line. One line is weak alone. But, when we choose to extend ourselves through love we create a bond between ourselves and another. The parallel lines with a force held in place in between. And when we continue to extend that love to the people in our lives, we create a foundation united.

Love is a great thing to accomplish. And great things are accomplished through vision, preparation, motivation, struggle, determination, and a love so fierce that anything is possible. To love is to face the things you hate, to hate is the motivation to break down the things that stand in the way of a love so great.