Living the Life With the Circus

Some people are born into the circus life, as their families are in the circus, which is probably the best way to start. It becomes the way you live,  plus it is in your blood. You have watched your parents, maybe even your grandparents, and you meet so many different people. The circus life becomes a tight knit family, of people doing a job for the benefit of other people, giving them some enjoyment for their lives. It is not all glamour though, it is lots of hard work, and you might be beside the elephants where you have to sleep in your trailer, or some other smelly animal.

You will have to work holidays, weekends, and also the rest of the week. You might be in a bad mood, or just do not feel like doing the act today, but the show must go on, so you do it. If there are only a few people in the audience, you continue to do your job. When you finish in that town, you pack up all the things, get the animals ready, move to another town and do it all over again. This is your life and you love it anyway.

There are others who have a dream, becoming part of a circus, for some a lifelong dream. There are circus schools, where you learn all the ropes, how to live and work in the circus environment. You have to be over 18 years of age, and you will be expected to live right in the circus, where the school trains you. When the student trains here, they develop a wonderful love for the lifestyle. Most who start in the circus school, remain with a circus and make this their career of choice.

Many such students will go on to travel worldwide, making good wages and they have become part of a family, the circus. They love moving to different places, setting up the big tent, getting the animals ready for the show. The work is so varied, from sewing your own costume to pounding in the stakes to put up the tent, so that there is never time to get bored, and you are always meeting new people. When working in a circus, you will  be learning how to be a clown, or a trampoline artist, possibly doing a juggling act, learning how to apply a clowns makeup, maybe your own, or being an aerialist.

A clowns life is full of learning new tricks, gags, anything to get a favorable reaction from the audience. They want to hear the laughter, then they know they are doing their job which they’ve trained for, some for years, and still love every minute of it. They are very highly, physically trained, as the life is difficult and you need to be in tip-top shape, so you train, train, train, and then you train some more.

It takes a long time to train an animal, much patience and lots of treats, to keep them motivated. Each species of animal requires a different way in which they need training, so animal experts are a must when dealing with them, especially wild animals. You must be very careful of every move you make, to be always mindful of the fact that they would rather be doing something else at that particular moment.

Well maybe the circus career isn’t for you. So check our career section, maybe one of these is more intriguing.