Little religious guy thinks he knows it all?

Something I want to tell you my readers I am not a religious kind of guy. I believe in some stuff but I am more in to science and technology than old stuff. One thing that always happens to me is that most of my friends try to prove me wrong that there is GOD and there is heaven and there is hell. I am always having debates with friends and family but something that amazes me is that most of my friends who try to make me believe in God, don’t know anything about GOD themselves lol. So if you are someone like me who is always getting into being religious or atheist here is a good question to ask your religious friend I bet he will be lost. And then you can go on your rant..

Question to ask —>

Name the seven last Plagues?

Answer to expect —>

1. Soires

2. Sea turns to blood

3. Rivers turn to blood

4. People scorched by intense heat of sun

5. Darkness

6. River Euphrates dries up

7. Earthquake

I bet you, most of your friends will run away after you ask this question, I have more of these stuff, so sign up for my RSS feed or bookmark me as I am always adding my daily rant and random stuff. Comments are always welcome, be friendly though.

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