Laws To Be Broken

These are some silly laws, that I wouldn’t mind breaking.

“It’s Illegal to ride an ugly horse down the street in Wilbur, Washington”

“If you don’t like a statue, in the outdoors in Star, Mississippi, don’t say it publicly because it is illegal to ridicule public architecture.”

“Ninth-grade boys can’t grow moustaches in Binghampton, New York.”

“You can’t carry an ice cream cone in your pocket if you live in Lexington, Kentucky”

“If you complain about the structure of a road, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, you can be forced to fix it yourself.”

“You can’t go barefoot in Austin, Texas, without a 5$ permit.”

“If you mispronounce Arkansas while being there, your breaking the law.”

These are some silly laws maybe sometime else I can add to the list..

Did you know on an average day the president of the US receives 20,000 letters.